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When We Win, County Clowns Cheat – Part 1

The SASO made it illegal by county law for the county to enforce ANY anti-gun laws

When We Win, County Clowns Cheat - Part 1

When We Win, County Clowns Cheat – Part 1

by Chris Brumbles

In Columbia County Oregon, elected employees, along with leftist factions, are trying to Extirpate (Destroy Completely), the Will of the People by trying to get rid of two separate Ordinances passed since 2018.

Because of the ongoing tyranny set forth by the Marxist lead super-Majority in Salem, and the outright unconstitutional attack on their Natural Born Rights, the people of Columbia County decided to do the job that their supposed servants would not do by passing Measures 5-270 (2018), the Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance, and 5-278 (2020), the Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance.

Constitutional advocate Chris Brumbles submits 1,300 signatures to the Columbia County Elections Department to put the Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance on the November 2018 voter ballot. (The Chief News)

If you read a leftist rag, you will be told that these laws were “narrowly passed”, but the Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance (SAPO) passed at around 62%, and yes, the Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance (SASO) only passed by around 51 or 52%, but these laws were very popular. I have many reports from people that did not vote for the SASO that they were confused by the ballot title and thought it was a trick to take their guns.

The fact remains that we gathered the signatures for the SASO in around 1 ½ months which must be a record, and these laws remain extremely popular, which these gun-hating Nazis will soon find out.

In 2015 Oregon had been invaded by Bloomberg and he managed to change several seats for the worse. The left started frothing at the mouth to steal Rights from law-abiding citizens and passed the first really bad gun bill. The bill that these morons passed was SB941, which demanded that you do a background check for your own privately owned property. The sponsor of the bill, Floyd Anti-zanski (Prozanski), was told by the media that this law would do nothing to criminals, and he responded with…” I know, but it’s a good start”. The writing was on the wall.

I later heard about an effort by Rob Taylor who was doing something called the Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance. I traveled to Coos Bay to have lunch with him, and he explained what an Initiative was and how to use it to pass a law in my own County. I immediately jumped on board by doing an Initiative in my county and started to help him get other counties and states started on the same path to retain the Liberty that was gifted us by God.

The Measure 5-270, the SAPO, made it illegal for our county to use money, manpower, resources, etc., to enforce any unconstitutional anti-gun laws or ancillary gun items passed since 2012. We made the Sheriff the go-to guy to determine what laws were unconstitutional so that someone would be accountable. This law had teeth as if violated, the offending unit of oppression would be fined $2000.00 and the Corporation they worked for would be fined $4000.00.

It was very evident that this did not make the County Commissioners at the time very happy since they believe that they are the power instead of the people, and they thought that the County Sheriff should be subordinate to them. This was evident when the cameras were turned off and two of the commissioners showed their true colors by trying to chastise us. I thought that one of them was going to have a stroke as he showed his ignorance about the Supremacy Clause.

After we passed SAPO’s in 8 of 10 counties, the county Sheriff in Douglas County, who we had thought was a Constitutional Sheriff, told a reporter that the SAPO was mostly window dressing to send a message, and that he would have to wait for a court to decide if he could deny enforcement of unconstitutional gun laws.

This was absurd and not the case. We started this fight in 2015, and had hundreds of people as well as Oregon Firearm Federation using their precious time and money to make the SAPO’s a reality. I gathered signatures in the rain with my leg broke in three places, and all of this passion and sweat was not spent just to send a message; we wanted our Rights protected and to fulfill our duty to pass liberty to our posterity. We decided to take it out of the Sheriffs hands.

We then decided to get started passing SASO’s. The SASO made it illegal by county law for the county to enforce ANY anti-gun laws or their ancillary gun parts, with the exception of machine guns, felons, and certain court orders.

To get onto the agenda for the SAPO, I had experienced all kinds of roadblocks from the County Commissioners, and we had to cause them a ton of political pain to hear us; knowing that they were a waste of time, I bypassed these Oath Breakers and went straight to their boss this time… the People. The SASO also had teeth with the same penalties, and you know how tyrants don’t like accountability.

When we gathered signatures for the SASO, it was during a perfect storm. The apathy that was commonplace in our county and state, was replaced by the Happy Effect that our Founders talked about. The Spirit of 76 was alive and it felt like history in the making. As we gathered signatures for the SASO we were also gathering signatures to recall the tyrant, Crazy Kate Brown-Stain, and we gathered the SASO signatures in record time.

Now that you understand the laws that we are talking about, I will now tell you about the Clowns that are trying to undermine over five years of the work that I, together with the voters of Columbia County, have done.

Recently I found out that the County Commissioners had decided that they would blend the SAPO and SASO together to form a new Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance called 2021-1. When they passed this, they automatically threw out the SAPO and we were left with their poorly written disaster that was written to fail.

By the time I, the Chief Petitioner for the SAPO and the SASO, had heard about this calamity, the time for public comment was over. I then found out that 4 local left-wing radical Marxists , the Attorney General, and Bloomberg’s Everytown had been sufficiently notified and was allowed to spew their venomous anti-gun, anti-American blather on the SAPO, SASO, and this new poorly written law with no opposition. After further irritation and investigation, it turned out being as nefarious as I had thought.

It seems that it is not normal to do judicial reviews on Ballot Measures, so the SAPO and SASO was blended to get a new county law in order to get it in front of a judge for validation. When the County Attorney wrote this new law, she took it upon herself to get rid of the penalties by putting in the word may, and took out the severability clause altogether.

There is only one reason this she imp would have taken out the severability clause, so that if one line were wrong the whole thing would get thrown out. So, our laws were blended, for the purpose of getting it in front of a judge, so that he would throw it out, and totally extirpate the voters will of not one, but two separate elections.

By the way, the County Commissioners are on the record voting for the new SASO, so they can tell the people that it is rain running down their back.

It seems that the County Attorney, Sarah Hanson, is the one who called in Everytown. Funny, I thought that a County Attorney was supposed to defend County Laws, not sabotage them because they oppose her ideology. I believe that what we have here is fraud, conflict of interest, corruption, collusion, violation of Oaths, as well as disenfranchisement of the voters.

As Chief petitioner of the SAPO and the SASO, I was not even given a courtesy call or a heads up that this was happening. There was not even one of the over 15,000 people who voted for the two laws able to testify, only the enemies of the state. We didn’t have a friend in the room.

Part 2 coming up, so make sure and read it. I want to thank the Organization that I’m proud to be part of, Oregon Firearms Federation, and Gun Owners of America, for stepping up to protect the Rights of over 1200 Counties in the Country who have similar Ordinances and Resolutions. If you can donate to them, please do as this could get very expensive.

In Liberty,

Chris Brumbles
Columbia County Coordinator
Oregon Firearms Federation
N. Coordinator, SASO
Host, Trigger Warning, am1600kohi


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