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When The Going Gets Tough, The Spineless Capitulate

Oregon has been sold out by cowards and traitors.

The Spineless Capitulate

When The Going Gets Tough, The Spineless Capitulate

by Chris Brumbles

Our country is under attack from within by the cancer of Cultural Marxism and  the insane Ideology of the Radical Far Left. Nowhere is the attack on sanity and Liberty  more evident than here in Oregon.

As the recent stolen election left us with an utter Moron at the helm racing this country to the bottom, Oregon has a Governor, supported by a Super-Majority that Bloomberg put in office, that has a vision that would leave us looking up to see the bottom that Jobama O’xiden dreams of leaving as his legacy.

Patriots in Oregon have been fighting the Ameriphobes for years to stop the legal plunder and theft of Rights that are so commonplace here. No less than 7 people have filed, and 3 attempts have been made to recall the vindictive Crazy Kate Brownstain, who believes that we elect royalty and are here to serve her every whim.

For the past two sessions, we have had to encourage and back the Senate to walk out and leave the Demon-crats without a quorum to stop their Ideologically Motivated, Middle-Class and Job-Killing march, as they continue on a path to totally extirpate Liberty, and anything remotely resembling American principles and Ideals. To the credit of the past two Senates, they had the testicular fortitude to walk out and do the right thing so that we may fight another day.

That brings us to the session going on this year. After a year of illegal Fascist policies, economic destruction, suicides rates through the roof, people losing their businesses, medical procedures being skipped, no rule of law, the left embracing and protecting Criminal Marxists, etc., the Demon-Rats decided to come out swinging in an attempt to finish off their destruction of Oregon. There have been over 4000 bills submitted with the majority of them having nothing to do with anything except a chimerical leftist wet dream.

Oregon had one hope to combat this onslaught of Utopian dysfunction. One chance to continue the struggle for Liberty to remain in this Northwestern State. The hope was that the House or the Senate would use the only tool that they have in the box, and walk out to deny the Libtards a quorum until they could come to their senses and work for Oregon instead of Lenin.

In the first day of the new session, the Republicans in the House sold us out right out of the gate by allowing a rule change to take place that would make it unaffordable for them to walk out and would cost them $500.00 a day if they did so. They have since had a ready-made excuse for why they cannot walk. Surely the Republicans in the Senate would have the people’s back though.

Last year Herman Baertschiger, who was the Senate Minority Leader, retired from the Senate and with him took any semblance of leadership and spinal fluid. This year the Republican Senate got a non-leader in the squishy jellyfish, Fred Girod. Upon becoming the Senate Minority non-leader, Girod’s first act was to immediately place his testicles in a jar on the Senate President’s (Peter Courtney’s) desk and as if tradition, 5 more quislings joined him.

Oregon is facing illegal anti-gun laws that will only effect Law Abiding CHL Holders, the most law abiding faction of our society; committing crimes six times less than cops. The left has shoveled the tremendously unpopular Cap-N-Trade into a dash 5 Amendment in HB 2021, they want to raise the minimum wage to 17 dollars an hour to finish off businesses and the middle class, they want felons to be teachers, they want to dramatically reduce the penalty for the crime of rape to community service, they want to require your firearms to be locked up in your home to leave you helpless and defenseless, and if they are stolen and used in a crime, they want you to be held accountable for that crime for 2 years.

The left is also pushing legalized prostitution while they are handcuffing police. The Marxists want to close 3 prisons; after all, they have already basically legalized hard drugs and they will only need prisons for law abiding citizens since they want to decriminalize all real crime. I could go on forever, but you get it,…the inmates are running the asylum in the modern day Tammany Hall in Salem Oregon.

When the Senate President threatened a rule change in the Senate, the grass roots of Oregon started pleading with them to use the only tool they had to protect us while they could and walk out to deny a quorum. We sent tens of thousands of emails and phone calls, and dozens of grass roots groups sent them a letter in support of a walk out. They knew that just by showing up, it was a yes vote because they didn’t have the numbers, but stayed firm in their resolve to show up and let Oregon be destroyed.

Even with the threat of recalls, the arrogance of the stupid six overruled any common sense and they failed to walk. During the third reading and vote in the Senate on one of the most insane anti-gun bills I have ever heard of, SB554, Senate President Peter Courtney was caught on a hot mic saying “I see Hansell out there, they’re gonna get crushed”. Even the Demons in the Senate couldn’t believe that these traitors showed up to vote.

I know that when politicians do or don’t do anything, you have to ask yourself what’s in it for them. Even starting recalls has not wavered their resolve to let Oregon burn. Yes, we have started recalls on Fred Girod and Lynn Findley so far. If they won’t protect our Rights and our Children’s future, what the hell good are they.

We have heard excuses ranging from “we have to stay for re-redistricting”, to…” we have a plan, but can’t tell anyone.” Let’s all be sure to tell our Grandchildren when they are shackled and learning Chinese, that the people that were supposed to be protecting their Rights, had a plan. First of all, these clowns have been slapped around the whole session, told to sit in a corner and shut up. The Democrats have rewarded their sellouts by allowing 3 Demons and 3 Republicans to work on redistricting, but they won’t get the numbers from the Feds until mid-August and have to be done by September 27th. My guess is that the maps will be drawn the way the left wants, or they will stall, and the Ultra-Leftist Secretary of State will get to draw them; either way, the left will control the process. As far as having a plan, will someone tell the morons that total and complete unconditional surrender of all ideals, morals, and ethics is not a plan.

The Stupid Six that won’t walk out are definitely proving that when the going gets tough, the spinless capitulate. E-ver-y one of these cowards took money from the Oregon Firearms Federation to help get them elected to protect our Natural Born Rights, but I reckon the Demons had a better deal. It seems that the Democrats in Salem have decided to disperse two million dollars to every Representative and 4 million dollars of Federal money (our money) to every Senator to use in their district as they see fit; all it costs Oregon is the Democrat Party’s whole Marxist agenda with no resistance. The House and Senate have even given up slow rolling and now waive the reading of bills to put this stupidity on steroids.

Oregon has definitely been sold out by cowards and traitors. We are grateful for the 6 Senators who showed a backbone and did walk out, but as long as these 6 quislings that won’t walk choose perfidy over principle there are dark days ahead for this State.

For those who are angry about us recalling Republicans, we are equal opportunity recallers and will recall all traitors, regardless of party. Principles over party,…and NO COMPROMISE. Be Blessed.


In Liberty,
Chris Brumbles
Columbia County Coordinator
Oregon Firearms Federation
N. Coordinator, SASO
Host, Trigger Warning, am 1600 kohi  


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