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What Our Enemies See

Our enemies may see a growing window of opportunity to shut our nation completely down

What Our Enemies See

What Our Enemies See

by Pete Ketcham

Our nation has some very capable enemies, dedicated to the downfall, and perhaps even the total destruction of our nation. These primary enemies are China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran. Although North Korea and Iran do not posses (yet) the destructive capabilities of China and Russia, their hatred of us is a all consuming desire to destroy us.

With America facing a constant and growing threat from these enemies, it is important to understand how they view the present state of our nation. The following is some of their possible viewpoints, based on a logical reaction to the events taking place in our nation today:

1. They see a divided nation, in fact so divided that it is almost an ongoing civil war. Not a civil war fought by weapons (yet), but by political maneuvering, propaganda media, hi tech dominance, etc., thus creating a weakened nation that is subject to foreign influence and intervention.

2. They see the fraudulent removal of a US president (dedicated to defeating them), replaced with a mentally deficient old man, who’s whole family, including Biden himself, have been compromised (bribed) by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) money. This situation gives China exceptional influence and intervention in our governmental process.

3. They see the Biden administration illogically opening our boarders to a mass invasion of illegal immigrants that are spreading throughout the nation, taking jobs from citizens, taking welfare from tax payers, and increasing the crime rate significantly. They can only conclude, that a nation that is naive enough to invite an invasion of it’s own boarders, may be a soft target for a hostile invasion.

4. China sees America embracing the fraud & myth of “climate change” by shutting down it’s coal and gas fired power plants, creating rolling blackouts, while they (the Chinese) are building coal fired plants by the dozens. They must see us as absolute fools, and they would be right.

5. The CCP also sees that the puppet (Biden) and his handlers are in the process of weakening the combat capabilities of our military by a woke purge and other illogical actions. They may feel that this might be the opportune time for them to successfully invade Taiwan, and bring it back under the CCP control.

There are no doubt many other viewpoints our enemies have as they observe the illogical and unrealistic decisions the puppet Biden administration continues to make. It would be logical to believe our enemies may see a growing window of opportunity to launch multiple EMP attacks that could shut our nation completely down, and also destroy a large portion of our retaliatory capabilities in the process.

But whatever our enemies see, there is no doubt they do not see a wise and strong nation, but a weak and confused nation, led by a mentally deficient Democrat puppet, controlled by his puppet masters, initiating national policies completely devoid of logic and common sense.


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