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War on Christianity: Calgary Pastor Pawlowski Still in the Battle

Held for over 50 hours, the police inflicted on them what could only be described as torture.

War on Christianity: Calgary Pastor Pawlowski Still in the Battle

War on Christianity:
Calgary Pastor Pawlowski Still in the Battle

by Shari Dovale

Pastor Artur Pawlowski has become internationally known for throwing the government out of his church and calling them Nazi’s and Gestapo. The government has come back for retaliation, as every tyrannical body will do.

Pastor Pawlowski grew up behind the Iron Curtain, under Communism, and has seen first hand how it can be brought forth through small increments. He fled his homeland and settled in Calgary, giving his life to God.

Beginning back in 2005, the totalitarian regime in Calgary have been harassing Pawlowski, pastor of both Street Church and The Cave of Adullam Church. Arrested and ticketed multiple times, after 10 years Pawlowski had won all of his cases. But it did not end there.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, one part of the Canadian Constitution, guarantees Religious Freedom is no uncertain terms. They appear to have much stronger protections for religious freedom than many other countries, including the United States.

However, it seems that the Calgary government is embarrassed that the Street Church, and Pastor Pawlowski, is taking care of the homeless population, to the point that they are determined to make them stop.

There is a law on the books that says providing free goods and services is illegal in Calgary. This law has only been enforced against Christians, which is the basis for much of the persecution that Pawlowski’s congregation has had to endure.

An article in the Calgary Herald from earlier this month highlights the tremendous amount of free food given to the Muslim community recently, to the tune of 5,185 food hampers feeding nearly 26,000 people, yet they were not told to stop giving free food as the law dictates.

Pastor Pawlowski spoke to Redoubt News and said that he has never seen this law applied to anyone other than Christians.

Volunteers deliver food to Muslims stuck in isolation while marking Ramadan

Pastor Pawlowski was given 29 covid-related tickets as being arrested for holding illegal church services along with his brother, Dawid.

Held for over 50 hours, the police inflicted on them what could only be described as torture. They spent the first hour laying on the ground. The next 10 hours were spent sitting on concrete. For anyone that has not endured this, imagine the extreme colds and isolation. No mattress to sit or lay down on. And more.

It wasn’t until after this time that new guards were assigned and they recognized the inhumane treatment. They attempted to relieve some of their suffering.

After their release, Pawlowski was at home with his family when they found their property had been set on fire. “Someone tried to burn my house down! Price of fighting for Freedom,” wrote Pawlowski. “Please, pray for our enemies!”

VIDEO: Arsonists Attempt to Burn Down Brave Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s Home in Canada

Continuing the fight for Religious Freedom is not a difficult decision for Pawlowski. But he needs more help. You can help by sharing his story, praying for the congregation, and also by helping to fund their defense.

Please go to their website here: and find their link to paypal. Even a small amount can build to a great amount.


In addition to a separate interview, Redoubt News was part of a roundtable discussion with Pastor Pawlowski. Participants included Lt. Scott Bennett (Shell Game) and Chris Brumbles of Trigger Warning. The roundtable was hosted by Maggie Rose of The Concord Show, on

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