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Vote Peters and Rose for Library District Board

Please vote on May 18th, 2021

Vote Peters and Rose for Library District Board

Vote Peters and Rose for Library District Board

What does it say about inclusiveness and transparency by posting a board meeting notice listing a specific meeting place, and then moving the meeting behind a partitioned wall, away from the eyes of the public? What does it say about respect for Idaho law by seemingly not providing your constituents with a law-mandated agenda for said meeting? And does it not suggest hypocrisy by disregarding Idaho’s open meeting law while simultaneously demanding compliance with a mask mandate? Remember: the Panhandle Health District itself lifted its own weeks ago.

To me, it screams unaccountability, disrespect, and superiority toward the very taxpayers whose funds are collected each year to run the very entity whose services so many of us are unable to utilize. Why? Because against much scientific data to the contrary, the library board has chosen to keep in place a mask requirement that just about every other venue in Bonner County has rejected.

And it’s why we need fresh voices on our library district board.

Jalon Peters and Kathy Rose will bring balance to a library board lacking in diversity of opinion, and whose recent meeting announcement failed to provide an agenda mandated by law, displaying either an ignorance of the law or a blatant willingness to flout it.

It’s time our library board listened to the very people to whom it is beholden, and it’s time it showed respect for the very people whose tax dollars are used to keep the library afloat.

It’s time to elect Jalon Peters and Kathy Rose to our library district board on May 18th.

Jodi Giddings



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