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Oregon Requiring Businesses to Check Vaccine Passports

Oregon wants to be sure that they can easily round up any conservatives left in their state

Oregon Requiring Business to Check Vaccine Passports

Oregon Requiring Businesses
to Check Vaccine Passports

by Shari Dovale

Oregon has set new guidance and rules for fully vaccinated people in their state.

According to these guidelines, “Fully vaccinated individual” means an individual has received both doses of a two-dose COVID-19 vaccine or one dose of a single-dose vaccine and at least 14 days have passed since the individual’s final dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

The State is mandating that “All businesses, employers and faith institutions” become the Mask Police, as they have to see the documentation for every customer coming inside without a mask.

Even after these sheep have rolled over for the demands of this Communist Regime, and have complied with the experimental mRna jab, they must still wear their muzzles while in hospitals, jails and shelters.

The Mask Police are to insist that citizens violate their own medical privacy, and violate HIPPA, to comply with the state’s totalitarian mandates.

Citizens are allowed to be mask free in select settings, but not nearly enough, especially as per the new CDC guidelines.

For the people that can think for themselves, and choose not to be inoculated with the experimental chemicals, Oregon is allowing them to be mask free in their own vehicles, for example, except if they are going through a drive-thru. They need to be masked at that point.

The question will be that if these folks are smart enough to avoid getting jabbed by these experimental chemicals, will they be able to avoid violating their own rights by giving up their medical information to strangers in strange places? I know that I would be very reluctant to tell some clerk that still may not have passed their GED exam anything about my health.

As we have already reported, Vaccine Passports have always been the goal of the Dictators on the Left. Just like the yellow stars in World War II, the Communists want to easily identify their opponents.

Oregon wants to be sure that they can easily round up any conservatives left in their state and head them on down the train tracks.


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