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Library Board Incumbents Are Hostile To The Public

Please vote on May 18th, 2021

Library Board Incumbents Are Hostile To The Public

Library Board Incumbents Are Hostile To The Public

The two incumbents running for re-election to the Sandpoint library board are not upfront about who they are.

  • Both claim to be Republicans but are vigorously supported by Bonner County Democrats and radical leftists like
  • Both are the instigators, defenders, and hard-line enforcers of the library mask mandate that has been in place for some 13 months now. Now they are trying to placate the public by saying they are examining the issue, but no results have been forthcoming.
  • Both went so far as to repeatedly shut down the library for weeks at a time. The August shutdown was clearly intended to punish the public and send a message to mask opponents who had asked – peacefully – to use this taxpayer-funded building with their children. They called the police on them. The library director then described them as “insurgents” in a newspaper article. Her hostile, incendiary opinion tells us all we need to know about how this library feels about patrons who don’t agree with them.

Enough is enough. These RINO (Republican in name only) board members do not deserve our vote so they can continue to lord it over us while denigrating anyone asserting their rights as citizens as some kind of terrorists.

Your vote for Kathy Rose and Jalon Peters on May 18 will help right the wrongs committed by this deceptive, unresponsive board. Neither of them believes in mask mandates or depriving you of the use of your library on a whim. Both can be counted on to properly serve taxpayers.

Monique Hutchings



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