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It’s Time to Breathe Free at the Library

Please vote on May 18th, 2021

It’s Time to Breathe Free at the Library

It’s Time to Breathe Free at the Library

Sandpoint’s East Bonner County Library, a service funded by our taxes, is still requiring patrons to wear a mask. The library board (and staff) have forced people with health problems associated with masks out the door, even canceling the library card of one such senior citizen. They have called the police on patrons (parents with children) protesting the mask policy, calling them “insurgents.” Large attendance at library board meetings, calling for an end to masks, has done no good.

You have an opportunity to end this on May 18 by voting for Kathy Rose and Jalon Peters for Library Board. Both have clearly stated their intention to end the mask policy. Vote at your usual polling place.

The governor never had a mask mandate. The Panhandle Health District ended their mask mandate more than a month ago. The West Bonner and Priest River libraries never had a mask mandate. Local businesses, some with interiors much smaller than the library’s airy, open spaces, have taken down their mask signs. Safeway has even removed the signs on the floor that used to be for social distancing. It’s time for the library to follow suit.

Put this on your calendar, May 18, and please do vote.

It is important to rein in authorities who continue to shut down our freedom to breathe freely while browsing inside the library when that restriction is no longer necessary.


Joanna Fuchs


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