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Gov. Little Signs The Heartbeat Bill. Will It Ban Abortions In Idaho?

It will never actually become the active law in Idaho

The Heartbeat Bill

Governor Little Signs The Heartbeat Bill.
Will it ban abortions in Idaho?

By Scott Herndon

All over the news in Idaho this week was the passage of the Idaho Heartbeat Abortion Bill. After reading the media coverage and the press release from the lobbyist organization that pushed the bill, we would all think that most abortions were banned in Idaho!

But were they? The short answer is No. Not a single abortion is banned with the passage of this bill. Last week 29 children were killed in Idaho in abortions, and for every week for the next year until the next Idaho legislative session in 2022 and beyond, 29 more children will still be killed WEEKLY in Idaho in legal abortions.

But, why all the hype for the heartbeat bill then? How can a bill that passed the Idaho House and the Idaho Senate and got signed by the governor and got publicity as an abortion ban NOT actually stop a single abortion?

Once again, the devil is in the details of the bill.

The biggest reason the heartbeat abortion bill, H366, will not stop a single abortion is because it will never go into effect. In other words, it will never actually become the active law in Idaho even though the legislature did pass the bill, and the governor did sign it.

The bill would only go into effect if a federal appellate court upheld some other state’s heartbeat abortion bill. The problem is that no federal court would ever do so because they are under the authority of the United States Supreme Court, and the SCOTUS has said in 38 opinions over 48 years that states may not ban abortions before 6 months gestation.

Written right into the bill is the following new section:

18-8706. EFFECTIVE UPON A CERTAIN OCCURRENCE.(1) This chapter shall become effective thirty (30) days following the issuance of the judgment in any United States appellate court case in which the appellate court upholds a restriction or ban on abortion for a preborn child because a detectable heartbeat is present on the grounds that such restriction or ban does not violate the United States constitution.

Watch Idaho State Representative Heather Scott list 7 reasons why the Heartbeat Bill is bad legislation. Rep Scott is an abortion abolitionist and has filed a bill that would actually ban all abortions in the state, effective immediately, but the leadership in the Idaho House refuses to even hear her bill:

The Idaho legislature has never passed a pro-life bill that has banned a single abortion.

That sounds crazy, but it is true. In the last 11 years 27 pro-life bills have been considered by the Idaho legislature. 14 “pro-life” bills have passed, but not one has ended a single abortion.

The problem is that Idaho obeys the tyrant federal courts (when they don’t have to).

The federal courts have told states they may not ban abortion before 24 weeks, or 6 months gestation and that killing a child in abortion is a mother’s 5th and 14th amendment right. Idaho is spineless and has decided to simply obey this legal theory of the federal courts.

In 3 minutes watch abortion abolitionist and state representative Tony Wisniewski shred the heartbeat bill on the Idaho House floor.

Abolish Abortion Idaho founder Scott Herndon explain in 3 minutes to an Idaho Senate Committee three reasons why the heartbeat bill should be rejected:

1) The bill explicitly permits a lot of killing.
2) The bill does not treat murder by abortion equally with other homicides.
3) The bill is judicial supremacist and will never go into effect.

Christian pastor and speaker Shahram Hadian states very succinctly that heartbeat bills should be rejected.

Abortion is murder.

Look, the courts are wrong, abortion is actually murder, and the state has no obligation in the federal constitution to obey the errant courts. In fact, the state has a duty under the 10th amendment to defy the courts and end abortion altogether.

Until you and I demand of our state that it defies the courts, no abortions will ever be ended in Idaho, and all we will see from the legislature is do-nothing pro-life bills like the heartbeat bill.


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