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Electioneering is Prohibited By Law, Even on a Bond Vote

Please vote on May 18th, 2021

Electioneering is Prohibited By Law

Electioneering is Prohibited By Law, Even on a Bond Vote

When a school district puts a levy question on the ballot, they are only allowed to publicize information about the levy itself. They are prohibited from saying “vote for the levy”; that would be electioneering.

This begs the question, when a County Commissioner publicly states “ …vote to save taxpayer money, vote in favor of the Solid Waste Bond,” isn’t that electioneering?

And why did the Road and Bridge levy suddenly become a Solid Waste bond question? From where did the money magically appear for the Road and Bridge proposed projects, or was there a revelation that those projects really weren’t as important as originally thought?

Perhaps instead of ridiculing County residents who have a difference of opinion than himself, Mr. McDonald should stick to the facts. If the bond is truly needed, he should be able to clearly justify it without being a defensive grouch.

Many questions surround this ballot question. Something really stinks here. I will be voting against it.

Teresa Parker,



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