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Collapse Is In Progress, (do we need a miracle ? )

Is it possible that the Lord who assisted in the birth of this nation will intervene with a present day miracle

Nation Is Headed For A Moral Collapse

Collapse Is In Progress, (do we need a miracle ? )

by Pete Ketcham


In previous editorials I had expressed concerns that this constitutional nation was going to collapse into some type of perverted socialist/communist nation if major changes in our social and political behavior were not made.

I had confidence that this “collapse”, under the worst scenario, would probably not take place in the near future, and was years off. Unfortunately this has not proven to be the case. We as a nation are now well into the “collapse”. It happened much quicker than most people realized as we transitioned from Trump to Biden.

As an analogy: It takes months of hard dedicated work to build a beautiful house, but it can be destroyed in a matter of minutes by a fire set by a criminal arsonist. In like kind, Biden in four months has “burned to the ground” all the positive things that took Trump four years to accomplish. The following is a link to an article that outlines 100 disastrous items Biden has accomplished in this short time period.

This social and political collapse of our nation is presently being manifested in the Democrat controlled major cities as they experience a rise in violent crime, growing tent camps of mentally ill drug addicts, demonetization of police, destructive riots, lack of prosecution of criminal behavior, and many more illogical policies enacted by clueless Democrat mayors and council members. All this mayhem taking place in the cities is now slowly creeping out to the smaller towns and rural areas, and if not stopped, will soon encompass the entire nation.

In an attempt to halt the momentum of this collapse, many God-fearing conservatives have fought hard, and continue to fight hard to maintain the constitutional basis of our nation, yet despite their efforts, It would seem at this point, nothing less than a miracle will save the nation.


As we look back into the history of our nation, we see that it was a miracle that enabled George Washington’s army to cross the ice filled Delaware river, and achieve a winter victory at Trenton. This happened when the continental army was on the verge of total defeat, and this miracle (among others) resulted in the birth of our nation.

Is it possible that the Lord who assisted in the birth of this nation will intervene with a present day miracle to save this nation, or will He allow the nation to reap the harvest of it’s rejection of His protection and guidance?

It would seem that this may be a very prominent question in the minds of many conservative Christians as they see this nation’s constitutional principles and precepts collapsing all around them at an accelerating pace that was unimaginable just a few short years ago.


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