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Candidate Responds To Library Board Lifting Mask Mandate

Vote Kathy Rose on May 18th

Candidate Responds To Library Board Lifting Mask Mandate

Candidate Responds To Library Board
Lifting Mask Mandate

by Kathy Rose

In an obvious political move, with two trustee positions threatened, the East Bonner County Library District held a “special meeting” regarding the mask policy, a hot topic of this election, one which they have shrugged their shoulders at for the past year.

The original decision to implement and continue a mask requirement was rooted in enforcing CDC guidelines. They now believe it will be okay to lift the requirement next month. The CDC requirements have not changed. In fact, they recommend masking even after vaccination. Ask yourself why the change of heart? Why couldn’t this decision/discussion be held at the regular monthly meeting on May 10th?

This election goes far beyond a mask mandate, which is only a symptom of the underlying problem. The incumbents pound their chests saying they’re the most qualified, but they are certainly not qualified to decide on a medical treatment for you.

The public statement specifies to “reassess the policy as the situation changes”. What are the chances it will come back after the election on May 18th, or that it morphs into a vaccine requirement?

Being a small business owner for 22 years, professionally employed in manufacturing industries, and serving on a school board, etc., I believe my experience is diverse. I believe any board functions better with members who represent the diversity of the community.

I offer my representation to be your voice. Vote Kathy Rose on May 18th, absentee ballot, or early voting at the County Elections Office.


Kathy Rose


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