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Brad Little Caters to the Liberal Left

It is time for Brad Little to retire and allow the people to choose a real conservative leader for the State of Idaho.

Brad Little Caters to the Liberal Left

Brad Little Caters to the Liberal Left

by Shari Dovale

Idaho Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin listened to her constituents and told them that, if she had the opportunity, she would put an end to people being forced to wear masks in her state.

The opportunity arose on Thursday, May 27th while Governor Brad Little was in Tennessee hobnobbing with other Republican Governors.

McGeachin signed Executive Order number 2021-07, titled “Terminating Mask Mandates Based on the Covid-19 Emergency”.

Lt Gov McGeachin Signs Order Banning Mask Mandates

This EO did not stop masks from being worn in the state, but it did give control of mask wearing back to the people. It allowed them to choose if they would wear a mask instead of being dictated to and forced to wear one against their will.

Of course, the Liberal Left were in an uproar over this order. They demanded that their wishes be followed regardless of anyone else’s choice. They cried out to Brad Little to give them back their authority over the state’s citizens.

Brad Little has not imposed a state-wide mask mandate, however, he has allowed local jurisdictions to do so. He calls this limited government, which it is not. It grows government and their authority over the people. His history shows that he prefers manhandling the public to get his way.

Consider his veto of House Bill 135 and Senate Bill 1136, which sought to limit his power during future emergencies, due to his Commie actions over the last year.

This history made it easy for him to bend to the will of the Liberals in the State, his primary base, and rescind order 2021-07. He signed his own order at his first opportunity Friday morning, making it retroactive back to 11am May 27th.

In his statement, he claims that the people are tired of hearing about masks, and he is correct. That is why he should have kept the EO giving control back to the people.

He claims that masks are becoming a “thing of the past” but the exception is the schools and other entities that he has expressively provided for through these actions. They will never become a “Thing of the Past” at the rate he is handling it. This is all about his personal control, and that of the Communist Left, again his primary base.

By calling McGeachin’s action “Tyranny” he is using a known leftist political “dirty trick” and that is to project upon his opponent what he is actually doing. As you can see, the textbook definition of the word “tyranny” is the undue severity of an absolute ruler. Giving control back to the people does not fit with that definition. However, it does fit with Little’s actions giving these elected officials the authority to demand the subservience of the people.

This is what Brad Little has done.

With all the grace and strength that she is known for, Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin responded to Brad Little:

Yesterday, I signed an Executive Order banning mask mandates in Idaho, including in our public schools. Today, Gov. Little chose to revoke your personal freedom by rescinding my order and imposing mask mandates on thousands of Idaho children, rejecting the conservative solutions embraced by leaders like Gov. Abbott in Texas and Gov. DeSantis in Florida.

I understand that protecting individual liberty means fighting against tyranny at ALL levels of government — federal, state, and local. It is your God-given right to make your own health decisions, and no state, city, or school district ever has the authority to violate your unalienable rights.

As your Lt. Governor, I remain undeterred and unwavering in my commitment to defend your rights and freedoms against all who would violate them. Now, more than ever, we must stand together against those who prioritize their own power above individual liberty.

It is time for Brad Little to retire and allow the people to choose a new, conservative leader for the State of Idaho.



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