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Big Baby! Pro Life or Pro Fundraiser?

The dirty little secret in Washington D.C. is the nickname of National Right to Life: it's “Big Baby.”

Big Baby!

Big Baby!

Pro Life or Pro Fundraiser?

By Bob Shillingstad

When you see someone driving their vehicle and wearing a mask, your first reaction is one of shock at their stupidity and then anger at their complicity in this charade.  You do realize that they are serious in their indoctrination that somehow they are helping save lives!  When you read about the so-called “Heartbeat” bill that the Idaho legislature passed in this year’s session and you are serious about ending abortion and know what the bill really says then you go through the same emotions.  It is stupid and makes thinking people angry because at the end of the day it does nothing. Not a single abortion is banned with the passage of this bill and every week there will be 29 abortions in Idaho and there will be no changes in the weeks ahead.

Pastor Paul Van Noy of Candlelight Church in Coeur d’Alene gave one of the best attacks on this bill, going line-by-line. But for many Christians, they are like the person wearing a mask in the vehicle. They don’t study the facts and think we are saving babies. The Idaho Legislature has passed more than 14 “pro-life” bills and have not ended a single abortion. If states and the citizens were serious about stopping abortion then we would have done it more than 50 years ago. We accept a falsehood that the courts and the black robed tyrants have the right to decide what marriage is, what a gender is and litigate rules that always end the same: “and then you can kill the baby”.  Congress can dictate to the courts what their jurisdiction is over any issue and can take the issues mentioned off of the table.  

I know when we make statements about courts being subservient, many “mask wearers” will object.  Let me give you a fun illustration that took place when Tom Daschle was Speaker of the House some years back.  The government was trying to thin out trees and put in firebreaks around the Mount Rushmore monument and various environmental groups were suing and winning in the courts to stop the horrendous act of killing trees.  Speaker Daschle, in frustration, added language to a bill that said the issues of tree thinning near Mount Rushmore was no longer the jurisdiction of the courts.  Simply done and over. 

There is a Supreme Court option that affirms that marijuana is a criminal drug and that the Federal government can prosecute using the Federal Controlled Substances Act against marijuana users and dealers.  Those states that have legalized the use of marijuana have responded with a collective yawn at that legal threat and have broadly legalized marijuana anyway in defiance of both the Congress and the Supreme Court.  Drugs over babies?  Steve Deace wisely said, “We are not a nation of laws, we are a nation of political will”.  We see where that political will is taking us.

We can see that the legislators in Idaho could have rejected any bill that would ban abortion, period, which is the only logical course of action but they are not serious about saving lives. Certainly our Governor and Attorney General would balk at taking a hard stance.  We might be invaded by clerks of the court to enforce the court dictates! The largest pro-life lobbying groups are not really interested either.  They need to keep the fundraising drumbeat alive.  The dirty little secret in Washington D.C. is the nickname of National Right to Life: it’s “Big Baby.”

If you look at the evidence and history of pro-life legislation at the national level and who has control and does nothing, it is depressing.  In 2015, McConnell and Boehner warned pro-life groups against backing conservatives efforts to stop taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood, the most prolific child executioner in American history, which has been given over a half of a billion dollars! National Right to Life has been echoing McConnell’s position that cutting Federal funds to Planned Parenthood isn’t something Congress can do until a Republican president is in the White House. Fast forward to 2016 when the GOP controlled all three branches of the government and with reconciliation controlled spending.  Planned Parenthood is still receiving $500 million dollars  and donating nearly $40 million dollars to defeat Republicans in each election cycle during the 2016-2019 period.  In fact the budget of Planned Parenthood has increased. 

Idaho will finally issue “pro-life” license plates for vehicles this year. It overcame legislative resistance to get enough Republican support in a legislature dominated by Republicans.  But they have no hesitation about funding the baby killers so they can fund our opponents with millions and most of those candidates are literally “Murder, Inc”.**  “Big Baby” is alive and well in Idaho.  The GOP remains while the killings continue. Oh, you’ll see the rhetoric and fundraising from the “conservatives” we elected.  Senator Risch has sent me emails about the pro-live legislation he has introduced this session. Really? Are Schumer, Pelosi and Biden on board?  Maybe this would have had a chance in 2017?

“When you’re too close to Capitol Hill it becomes a lifestyle of easy give and take, instead of remembering the old adage that politics is war by other means,” a senior House staffer said of National Right to Life. “You’re actually dealing with life and death issues and some of them are important enough to stand up for.  Actually speaking to all of the lives that will be lost. All of the baby parts that will be sold. All of the born-alive infants who will be dismembered and sold to the highest bidder. All of that’s going to take place with taxpayer dollars, because shutting down the government is controversial. If the Republican party can’t stand up to stop this barbaric practice then they’re no different than the Democrats.”

Excuse the length of this column. This could be a book filed under tragedy.  Educate yourself and your pastors and priests.  The change will have to rise up from the church and voters.


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Don Bradway contributed to this article.

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