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Vilification and Demonetization of the Police

Police Home Invasion Leads to Fatal Shooting near Post Falls

Vilification and Demonetization of the Police

by Pete Ketcham

Law and order in large Democrat controlled cities across the nation is crumbling as the protest rioters (BLM & Antifa) have now determined that the local police force will be defunded, reduced, and stripped of qualified immunity (the protection of being sued or prosecuted for individual police action).

The immediate response to the preceding statement by most people, would be:… these criminals marching in the streets have no legal or legislative authority to determine anything concerning city government, and that would be true, but they have successfully used their violent and intimidating power to force the Democrat mayors and citiy council members to bend to their demands.

The illogical compromising actions by the Democrat mayors and city council members have now placed the police in a very precarious position. Any time a policeman or policewoman puts on a uniform and starts their patrol, or responds to a 911 call, and they make a split-second mistake, they could end up fired or in jail the next day charged with murder. Not only that but the officer’s family is placed in danger by the criminals doxing personal information on where they live. This is what has happened to Kim Potter (Minneapolis Policewoman) this week for shooting a black man wanted on an arrest warrant who fought off arrest and attempted to escape.

One of the consequences of the illogical actions of the Democrat mayors and city council members against city law enforcement, is that many policeman/woman are now taking early retirement or resigning, thus reducing the effectiveness of the city police force. It would seem that no logical person would be a police officer in these Democrat controlled cities because of the tremendous liability they are placed in. All they have to do is make one mistake, and they could end up in prison.

A article in the Dailycaller expands on the statistics of police shootings.

If the citizens of these Democrat controlled cities want to stop the anarchy and loss of police protection, they will have to do it themselves. For example, the city of Portland, Oregon has a reported 2021 population of 662,549, yet 200 to 300 criminals control the city by occupying the streets. The law abiding citizens of these cities are going to have to form a coalition consisting of thousands, take back the streets, demand the immediate resignation of the mayor & city council, and hold timely elections to replace them.

If the law abiding citizens of these major Democrat controlled cities do not take positive action, the lawlessness and anarchy will grow to unimaginable bounds due to the continuing degradation of the police force.


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