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Victory Against Social Justice Indoctrination!

Defeating the budget does NOT defund Idaho universities

Victory Against Social Justice Indoctrination!

Victory Against Social Justice Indoctrination!

By Rep. Ronald Nate

Wednesday, the House of Representatives sent a thunderous message about purging Social Justice indoctrination and activism from Idaho public university campuses by voting down the Higher Education budgets bill (S1179) on a 13-57 vote.  A prominent theme throughout this legislative session is what to do about the Social Justice (Critical Race Theory) indoctrination polluting Idaho public universities. While the State Board of Education is charged with over-seeing our universities, the Idaho Legislature controls the budgets and spending on higher education.  That is our tool for protecting students and institutions.

The House spoke loudly by sending the budget back to committee in order to remove social justice spending items.  In my speech, I said, “[Social Justice indoctrination] is a systemic problem at our universities, it’s baked into the curriculum and into the campus culture…This body tried to send a message last year by taking three tries at cutting the budget. The hope was that higher education would get the message and show positive action towards having a higher education system that better matched the values in Idaho. Unfortunately [higher education] seems to have doubled down on its social justice mission and critical race theory.”

The Idaho Legislature will appropriate over $600 million for Idaho Universities, and this is the 3rd largest budget category.  We have a responsibility to makes sure the money truly goes to excellence in higher education and does not work against Idaho values and American values by promoting Marxist ideologies and racial dogmatism.

Defeating the budget does NOT defund Idaho universities.  Instead, it means the budget must be re-done and re-voted.  The second attempt at the budget this year will be very telling about how the legislature views the future of our universities.  Will we send a strong message, or return to business as usual?  The big vote to kill the budgets bill was a very good start, and I am confident we can come up with a budget fully funding higher education in its mission for education excellence, without wasting taxpayer dollars on resources, programs, departments, offices, and activities promoting Social Justice agendas and Critical Race Theory indoctrination. 



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