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Pay-To-Play is Okay For Newsom

The colossal blunder that CBS published has caused other governors to be scrutinized

Rules For Thee: Newsom Pay-To-Play is Okay

Pay-To-Play is Okay For Newsom

by Shari Dovale

’60 Minutes’ highlighted their Leftist Bias and Propaganda recently when they attempted to stir antagonism toward Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

As is typical, they didn’t bother with facts, they just spewed innuendo and created rumor, and they got caught. Even the Leftwing radical MSM had to admit that CBS fell flat on their faces, though they tried to spin it as just a “sloppy moment”, it was proven to be intended as a serious Hit Piece.

The story centered around DeSantis campaign contributions, and whether he engaged in the highly unethical “pay-to-play” schemes that seem to run rampant through government. It was shown that he did not, and his vaccine rollout through Publix was above-board.

However, the colossal blunder that CBS published has caused other governors to be scrutinized, notably Gavin Newsom of California, the former nephew-by-marriage of Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House and Reigning DC Radical.

Newsom has rewarded his top donors, namely Blue Shield and United Health, with no-bid contracts from the state.

The state awarded over $221 million in no-bid contracts this year alone for United Health subsidiary OptumServe to help with vaccine delivery,” reports Scott Rodd of Capital Public Radio. “Another no-bid agreement from last year — this one for testing — was extended by $61 million.”

In 2018, the health care giant made two contributions to Newsom for over $58,000. In December 2019, it dropped another $31,000 into his reelection campaign, and another $100,000 to his ballot measure committee.

A CapRadio investigation found an overlap of at least a half-dozen companies that made substantial contributions to Newsom and received no-bid contracts from the state, influential appointments, or other opportunities related to the state’s pandemic response. The contributions range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The contracts range from $2 million to over $1 billion — including the one awarded to Blue Shield for vaccine distribution made public Monday, worth up to $15 million.

Yet, the same Leftwing Radical Extremists that tried to sabotage DeSantis have been busy spinning the Newsom pay-to-play contracts, if they have spoken up at all.

Politico tried with, “Newsom, under immense pressure to get the doses out quickly, turned to Blue Shield of California soon after vaccination problems surfaced. “

Yet, the catalyst for this debacle, CBS and ‘60 Minutes’, have remained eerily silent.

In another obvious case of “Rules for Thee, but Not for Me” it would seem that it is okay now, as long as it is done by a Socialist Governor.


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