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Our History – Founded By A Godly People!

Personal freedom, self-responsibility, and a strong spirit of enterprise was our belief.

Godly Will God Intervene To Save Our Nation?

Our History – Founded By A Godly People!

By Maureen Paterson

What makes our country “Exceptional” is the fact that we were founded by a Godly people, whose leaders understood the necessary relationship between THE NATURAL LAW and a civil society and civil law. If we ever forget to understand that simple fact, and we fail to embrace our unique great Christian American heritage, we are doomed.1

The Founding Fathers of America were not perfect. But, thy signed their lives, liberty and sacred honor because they believed in the Natural Law which views the world as being created by God. We, as rational beings, are capable of using our intellect to comprehend the world.2

Frenchman Alexis de Tocqueville, traveled to the United States in 1831 and observed, what he called “public spirit”. He felt that we used “equality in action”. All citizens were involved in their local community as representatives in their local governments.”3

He said we believed in loving each other as much as we loved themselves. He called this our “habit of the heart” and our “character of mind.”4

Personal freedom, self-responsibility, and a strong spirit of enterprise was our belief. We felt that our social problems were our own concern, not government. We voluntarily helped out in our communities with food, money and neighborly love.5

These positive effects of Christianity were preserved through the churches which encompassed the community. Tocqueville believed Christianity was far reaching in its effects on society and was indispensable to the preservation of liberty in America.6

What would Tocqueville find today?

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