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Jalon Peters Will Be Your Voice on the Library Board

Election May 18th, 2021

Jalon Peters Will Be Your Voice on the Library Board

Jalon Peters Will Be Your Voice on the Library Board

It’s too often the case that once elected, our officials become protective of the entity they are tasked with overseeing, rather than working on behalf of those who voted them in and to whom they are accountable.

This is the case with the current library board.

The board has the power to run levies that increase our taxes. And it has done so. Yet, more than a year later, its imposed mask mandate remains in place, and the board continues listening only to voices with whom it agrees, and ignores the taxpayers who ask that it be lifted.

That fact was obvious during their last meeting, where their constituents—those whom they represent and gather taxes from—were made to stand outside in the biting wind, necks craned, in an effort to listen in on the meeting we couldn’t attend unless masked, regardless of whether we have medical issues that make breathing in one difficult. It’s idea of inclusion? A tiny screen, outside, with a nearly inaudible speaker.

This is not what representative government looks like. And it’s not how a district that operates on our tax dollars should treat its constituents. And it’s why our community needs fresh voices, representatives who’ll consider a diversity of perspectives.

Jalon Peters will be your voice on the library board. He believes in personal freedoms, reduced taxation, and a government that works for the people and not for the bureaucracy.

Please vote for Jalon on May 18th.


Jodi Giddings


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