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Faithful Observations, Will Anyone Stand For Truth?

Where are the good citizens of Kootenai County and the faith leaders?

stand Republicans express serious concern over Tommy Ahlquist
Rathdrum & Hayden Days 2014, KCRCC (photo:

Faithful Observations, Will Anyone Stand For Truth?

By Bob Shillingstad

The media, including the CDA Press, continue to crank out outright lies. Their favorite tactic is to silence any voices but their own. Their latest narrative is to tell us what a “hero of the democracy” Governor Little was when he vetoed bills that called for a sharing of power during a crisis. The Governor, who seems to have Napoleonic complex both in stature and his view of how a dictator should behave, informed us that he was the only one to spend monies that come into the State Treasury during a time of crisis. The governor would dictate what the legislature was allowed to do and not do. If you hate the Republican legislature as much as the Hagadone news media then Brad “Chicken” Little is a Governor of heroic action!

But this media group and local Democrats can’t control themselves when it comes to the Kootenai Republican leadership and the Idaho Freedom Foundation. Brent Regan, chairmen of the Kootenai County Republicans Central Committee, has to be vilified at least a couple times a week and he seldom gets a chance to defend himself….or maybe he can’t stand to respond anymore.

The tactic of the paper and the Left is to drag you down to the bottom with idiotic arguments and attempt to wear you out. When you do publish, one of the leftist minions then attacks Brent Regan or Wayne Hoffman of the IFF and wants a debate. It is like setting yourself up as coach of a junior high basketball squad going against Gonzaga. The matchup is clearly unfair.

A recent column in the Press on April 20th by a Deborah Rose validates my point about the Left’s rabid hatred of anything conservative but also their total lack of intelligence or understanding of the issues. Ms. Rose says this about the new majority of conservatives on the North Idaho College board, “the KCRCC has been emboldened by the train wreck they’ve created at NIC when they succeeded in getting candidates elected who are completely out of their depth when it comes to serving as college boards trustees.” She goes on to attack but never brings up a specific issue, only generalities that they are “conservative”.

I don’t know the Chairman of the NIC trustees, Todd Banducci, nor have we ever communicated, but he has been attacked over and over in the local (CDA) paper. He is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy and he serves as a Major within the office of the Inspector General for the Washington Air National Guard (WANG) at Fairchild AFB. He volunteers for Gideons International and is currently the local camp Vice-President. He is president of Falcon Investments & Insurance in Coeur d’Alene. Then this arrogant Ms. Rose has the audacity to state that Mr. Banducci is out of his depth when it comes to serving as a college trustee! Here is a man that has served his country, continues to do that and serves his God as a member of the Gideons. That tells us something about his world view and faith.

This bring me to my conclusion and the point of my column. Where are the good citizens of Kootenai County and even the faith leaders who should be standing up as one to support Todd and Brent Regan? When libraries around the country have “drag queen story hour” (including Spokane,) where are the faith leaders joining with Brent Regan? We need to ask some serious questions about their views on the libraries’ missions. When over 4,500 schools are teaching the discredited “1619 Project” to their students then maybe we have a right to question future board members and administrators about curriculum.

We have a few, very few, pastors who will host political events and speak out about issues. Most pastors and faith leaders are content to keep their heads down and wait for things to get back to “normal”. Going back to “the way things were” is not happening. The new normal is control by a Governor, local boards, legislators and to a certain extent the media. Churches in California and other states are still shut down, and a pastor in Alberta served weeks in jail for holding services. We have disrupted businesses and education for reasons that make no sense. The CDA Press will not mention that the Lakeland School District has had normal school operations all year with no mask requirement as have most private schools. The fear and panic promoted by the health district and schools is the narrative that makes the news.

I am reminded of Genesis Chapter 18 where Abraham has the conversation with God about saving Sodom. If there were fifty godly people, Abraham asks God, will you spare the city? The number keeps going lower but Abraham cannot find that number of Godly people in the city. Do we have 50 people of faith that will stand with Brent Regan, Todd Banducci and others and make our voices heard? I know there is that number, but the real question is this, are there church leaders who will stand up also? It is a time to save our nation from a tipping point; I am afraid it is revival or bust

“for the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.” – II Timothy 4:3


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