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Critical Race Theory Did Not Suddenly Arrive In The Classroom

Much of the violence we have seen across America this past year has CRT roots

crt Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory Did Not Suddenly Arrive In The Classroom

by Rep. Judy Boyle

As many of you know, the legislature has been learning about and focusing on how the Marxist movement of Critical Race Theory (CRT) has infiltrated American public schools. CRT is being used to divide our nation and create great distrust and even hate among the races of people who make up our “melting pot” of Americans.

Students are being taught to feel guilty and ashamed of their identity, race, family, and ancestors instead of valuing and respecting the individual regardless of race, gender, religion, or economic status.

Dividing Americans into various tribes who are jealous and suspicious of each other will dismantle our society and turn family, friends and neighbors against one another. Creating humiliation, stigma and victimization only serves to separate and harm people instead of bringing us together to love and respect each other.

Our children should not be taught that America is a “racist” society seeking “white supremacy.” Are there some in our country who are racists? Possibly so and those come from all races. However, that is not most Americans. 

Legislators have heard from students, parents, teachers, and citizens who have been forced to endure CRT in classrooms, at work, or in the public square. Classrooms are where we are attempting to focus as students are the most vulnerable and taxpayer dollars fund public schools.

Words such as “equity,” “inclusion,” and “diversity” have a different meaning under CRT than what most Americans understand. Using schools or government to force and pay for the destruction of our society should not be tolerated by anyone.

Much of the unrest and violence we have seen across America this past year has CRT roots.

CRT did not suddenly arrive in the classroom but have recently become more visible to those who choose to pay attention. Undermining the value of individual liberty and America’s founding ideals are certainly not lending value to the rigorous education our children need to become successful citizens.

If you fret over the fact that our children know very little American civics, you need to understand that Idaho law and the State Board of Education rules require the teaching of America’s Founding principles and documents in K-12 grades. All classrooms are required to have an American flag and the pledge is to be said every day. During Constitution week in September, schools are to have special events about the Constitution.

The Legislature can pass laws but cannot police every school district in our state. However, parents and community members have the responsibility of knowing what is being taught in their local schools. That is local control. Our form of government is not a spectator sport. With Freedom comes the responsibility to be an involved citizen. 


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