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A Segment Of The Public Does Not Support The School District…

How do we know the district will consider our opinions on more important issues?

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A Segment Of The Public Does Not Support The School District…


On March 30, The Beacon printed a letter entitled “The levy dilemma.” In it the author stated, “There is a segment of the public that does not support the district…” Actually, an attendee of the March 17 school board meeting said it better. She said “…who don’t like public school.”

The reason is not mentioned in the letter. Public schools are being pushed by the National Education Association and the government to teach things that local parents do not want their children taught. A big one is sex education and gender dysphoria taught to kindergartners, something being argued at the state level as to whether parents should opt out or opt in. (How about not teaching it at all?)

Another is “global warming,” and the “necessity” to eliminate fossil fuels – albeit no one seems to mind all the waste caused by mandatory mask-wearing. A third is the 1619 Project, Critical Race Theory and “social justice,” which takes a huge percentage in our college budgets, and the Biden Administration endorses being taught in all public schools, after eliminating the 1776 Project, which tells the truth about our nation’s history.

Critical Race Theory coerces students to shun traditional family structures and religious and philosophical beliefs on which our free society is based, while asserting that all white people are racist and “privileged”. “Black Lives Matter” curriculum, a pro-gay, pro-communist, black victim agenda, is being taught in public schools in cities across the country.

Even without specific Marxist curricula, every time schools purchase a new curriculum, unless it has been vetted by a Christian, patriotic educational group, it is bound to have these ideas embedded in it. Why do we need a new $80,000 curriculum every year or two? And if our teachers are doing their job just because they are caring, wonderful people, why are they demanding a 3.5% raise the same year that many local parents just lost their livelihoods?

If the district won’t acknowledge that the voters oppose a levy based on $1.47/ 1000 against their rising property values, how do we know they will consider our opinions on these more important issues?

Grace Steward


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