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Wireless Industry is Going Local

They will be located as close as 5 feet from people’s homes.

Wireless Industry is Going Local

Wireless Industry is Going Local

The Wireless Industry is approaching local municipalities to update their wireless ordinances to allow small – in size, not power output – wireless telecommunication facilities (sWTFs) to be located as close as 5 feet from people’s homes. Priest River’s current ordinance requires an offset of 1/10 distance/height in residential ares, and these facilities can be as low as 35 ft high, on lightposts, or even on your neighbor’s home.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has rules that cap the maximum effective radiated power (ERP) that a Wi-Fi router can output at 0.1 Watts ERP. But these so-called “small” Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (sWTFs) can output into bedrooms 25,000,000 times more ERP than needed for 5 bars on a cell phone.

Priest River’s current ordinance does not protect residential areas or schools from placement of sWTFs, nor require any pollution insurance paid for by the telecommunications companies, nor limit power output, nor recommend fiber optics, which we already have, over wireless. Towns and cities have the authority to regulate the placement, construction, modification and operations (including maximum power output) of WTFs, and Priest River’s ordinance should do that.

The Priest River chapter of Wire Idaho has reviewed Priest River’s current ordinance and updated it with several changes to protect the safety and welfare of Priest River residents within the confines of the law. 

Priest River City Council is scheduling a workshop in the next couple weeks to review the updated version of the ordinance and get citizen input. If you do not want a cell tower placed outside your home, please come to this workshop and voice your opinion. You can read the updated ordinance at or contact us at if you would like to help.


Wire Idaho
Anne Wilder, chairman


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