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Violence Against Women Act is NOT What It Seems

Take note of all who vote in favor of this debacle

Violence Against Women Act

Violence Against Women Act is NOT What It Seems

by Shari Dovale

The new and expanded version of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) has drawn the ire of many conservatives, as it has been used as a tool to expand gun control and support transgender identity.

The House passed the massive 259-page bill with a vote of 244-172 with 29 Republicans voting with Democrats in support. The current version is cosponsored by Pennsylvania Republican Brian Fitzpatrick. Remember his name!

The bill would expand the current Federal law banning the purchase of firearms from anyone convicted of any felony or convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence, to include any individual with a misdemeanor conviction of sexual assault or stalking.

The current version also includes provisions enforcing transgender identity in women’s shelter’s and in prisons. The bill calls for prison regulations based on the idea that “a transgender prisoner’s sex is determined according to the sex with which they identify,” rather than their biological sex.

It has already been shown to be a disaster in Washington State Corrections. Consider the case of Donna Perry, formerly known as Douglas Perry, who was convicted in Spokane, WA of the serial killings of three women working as prostitutes nearly three decades ago. Prosecutors claimed Perry changed gender to avoid suspicion in the murders, yet now is being housed in a woman’s prison.

There is also the case of Stephen Wood, in England, that now goes by the name of Karen White. Wood had a long history of abusing women, and was sent to a women-only facility despite being a convicted sex offender and pedophile. He was then charged with sexually assaulted four fellow prisoners days after being remanded.

The Marxists in Washington are taking advantage of the people and expanding gun control and the LBGT agenda wherever they can fit it in. Take note of all who vote in favor of this debacle, for they are the ones that do not believe in God-given rights.

The bill is now in the hands of the Senate.


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