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Vaccine Passport – Soon Your Travel Papers

All of this is in clear violation of our Constitution

Vaccine Passport - segregation Your Travel Papers

Vaccine Passport – Soon Your Travel Papers

Editorial by Bret Roush

The Covid-19(84) passport, with lockdowns and masking, the economic pressure placed on businesses, especially the entertainment venues, has made them leap to support the electronic Covid-19(84) passport rollout, just so they can start to have a cash flow high enough to stay in business. The fact that it is unnecessary is not even mentioned.

How many medical professionals have indicated that masks are not helping to slow any spread of the Covid-19(84) propaganda virus. The ”Ministry of Truth” is already in existence on social media and has it’s cancerous tentacles inserted malignantly into main stream media. Especially now that they have successfully cheated the administration of the chemo and radiation therapy the Trump administration was so skillfully applying.

Soon the Cuomo Tumor will have spread beyond New York and if the surgery to remove the Newsom strain from California is unsuccessful, they will also welcome the electronic ‘mark’ to sacrifice freedom for supposed ‘safety’. From what? A new version of the flu? One with a survival rate of over 98%? Because Fauscist insists we double mask? Notice that the regular flu has all but been cured since Covid-19(84) appeared, CDC numbers show it nearly eliminated.

So what good does the Covid-19(84) app do us? It tells the local ‘Royalty’ that the serfs have all been obedient and either been tested or gotten the ‘lab rat injection gene therapy’ as dictated.

All of this is in clear violation of our Constitution and their own rules on what is considered a pandemic.

It’s all about power and control, in a government ‘of the people, by the people and for the people’!

Please God, save the United States from our own government and return us to the nation you blessed!


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