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The Backstory, Idaho’s Recent Legislative Adjournment

Of the five legislators who contracted COVID, three were avid mask wearers and one had previously taken the preventative vaccine.

The Backstory, Idaho’s Recent Legislative Adjournment

The Backstory, Idaho’s Recent Legislative Adjournment

by Rep. Dorothy Moon

The Press stumbled all over themselves pointing out the recent rash of COVID cases within the Capitol last week furthering alarm and political speculation of what should be done.

Five legislators came down with the virus scrambling leadership to send everyone home before the contagion spread.  It is no secret, the marble lined halls of the Capitol are, have been and will always remain a giant cootie factory.  Every year someone gets something. Thousands of hands hold the rails up the steps, twist doorknobs and push through swinging doors to enter a committee room or bathroom and all leave their trail. A fact of necessary processes that take place every day and every week of the year since the building first opened its doors.

Boosting my immune system when in the presence of confined spaces and where hundreds gather has always been golden rule number one since becoming a teacher and working so most of my adult life. Wash hands, cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing, take vitamins and get plenty of sleep has been a regimented protocol since day one.  Many of my fellow legislators do the same and to date have successfully warded off the dreaded infection.

No, I’m not a doctor, just an observer of life and a believer in the merits of sage wisdom. I am fortunate, as a Representative, to have met several people in the know. Doctors in fact with knowledge about viral infections, their transmission and more importantly one’s defense therefrom.  If you tuned in or attended Capitol Clarity these past few Thursdays you too may have been enlightened about medical facts this virus displays and the means by which one could defend themselves and family. COVID is no joke, if infected and not treated early you could die, that’s a fact. But treatment is available, and it appears to me that those best methods of defense are not singular in nature. Wear a mask if you feel better but understand that a boosted immune system may prove more helpful in preventing and/or minimizing effects of this malicious invader.

Personal note: Of the five legislators who contracted COVID, three were avid mask wearers and one had previously taken the preventative vaccine. Others as well as myself who have held more traditional views in maintaining good health habits and who’ve regularly taken immune enhancing vitamins and efficacious supplements remain healthy.

My experience is by no means a scientific field test, but it does draw attention to a seemingly failed directives that wearing a mask offers any significant protection. If true, I believe the government’s one-dimensional mandate for wearing masks may indeed have led people to find safe harbor in a cesspool of their own excrement. I wonder how many millions of COVID cases could have been prevented with a robust campaign to boost immune systems? Seems we may never know, especially since thousands of webs of political influence, the direction of billions of dollars and a successful global fear campaign are now firmly ensconced.

Take my word from personal observation and testimony of a healthy life lived. I do suggest however, you consider the medical advice from several physicians and their qualifying advice about ways to enhance your personal immune system.

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