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Do the Republicans Even Know They Are Losing?

Currently, there is no one capable of initiating a new effective strategy that would defeat the Democrats

Do the Republicans Even Know They Are Losing?

Do the Republicans Even Know They Are Losing?

A New Strategy Needed

by Pete Ketcham

In a critical war or battle, the last thing the losing side normally wants to do, is acknowledge that they are  losing. Yet ignoring the reality of losing prevents the losing side from adopting new tactics and strategy to change the situation.

Sadly to say, that is the situation the Republicans find themselves in as they battle the godless socialists Democrats for control of this nation. If this situation is to be changed, the first step is the realization that it will be necessary for the Republicans to change their present tactics and strategy, or they will continue to lose future political battles and elections.

By the Republicans past failure to adopt a winning strategy, the Democrats were able to pull off the greatest political heist in this nation’s history by successful stealing the 2020 presidential election, and making the Republicans accept it. Not only have the Democrats pulled off this election fraud, but they are currently proposing and passing election laws that will assure they will win future national elections.

In many of the speeches at the recent Republican CPAC there was no significant acknowledgment by the Republicans that there was a major problem with their present strategy. They seemed to think that as long as they pointed out the illogical acts of the Democrats, that was sufficient.


At this time here is no individual (that includes Trump) or group that has emerged from the Republican party capable of initiating a new effective strategy that would defeat the Democrats and their major (“heavy hitter”) assets such as the mainstream news media, the social media, the entertainment industry, and the US education (indoctrination) system.

The Republicans and their “leadership” have failed in the past, (and continue to do so today) to realize that they are in a war for the soul of this nation. This is no longer a political contest, but a war launched by a group of evil people to literally destroy the constitution, and replace it with a socialist/communist government. The political strategies and tactics of the past will no longer work, and must be replaced. If this is not done, the Democrats will be able to Indefinitely continue their insane criminal rule over this nation till their policies finally bring the nation crashing down, morally and economically.

Lastly, it is acknowledged that it is difficult to set out the specific changes in Republican strategy that need to be implemented at this time , but there is no question changes must be made, and thus we must pray and hope that God will give us the wisdom and leadership to develop a winning strategy that brings this nation back to it’s original constitutional principles.


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4 Comments on Do the Republicans Even Know They Are Losing?

  1. This article hits the nail on the head but it isn’t just the politicians who are doing that. It’s also the republican base – the republican local leadership. They are as much tools of the Socialists as are our national politicians. How many people know anything about the Socialist International and the part they’ve been playing in the destruction of our government and our country? Not too many I’d wager. Just so you know – whenever you hear the word ‘democracy’ – think Socialist International.

  2. Of course they know. They are not the GOP; they are the COP: the Controlled Opposition Party. They are paid – and paid well – to lose. Ask Paul Ryan. Ask Mitch McConnell. Ask Eric Cantor, who supposedly was soundly defeated and humiliated, but went on to his cushy lobbyist position: his reward for a job well done serving the Uni-Party Swamp. (There is only one Establishment party!)

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