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When Feds Think They Are Above The Law

Reports are that ATF Agent James Burk was previously arrested for stealing wine from a grocery store.

When Feds Think They Are Above The Law

When Feds Think They Are Above The Law

by Shari Dovale

Even Federal ATF agents must comply with the law!  Oh my, an out-of-control Federal Agent received a taste of what the average person fears every day.

In July 2020, Columbus police responded to a call from a citizen that someone impersonating a police officer was trying to get into her home.

Why did they call it impersonating?

It could be that the person, later identified as Agent James Burk, did not offered his credentials to the woman, or that his identification, though worn on a lanyard around his neck, was kept hidden under his clothes.

Claiming that he was there to confiscate a shotgun, Burk was not in any uniform. He looked disheveled and unprofessional, with a firearm visible. It is no wonder the homeowner was concerned.

When the officers approached Burk, he refused to comply with their demands. He was combative and belligerent. He continuously yelled and berated the officers. Burk was so combative that the officers were forced to use a taser on the man.

Now, Burk is suing the police for using what he claims was excessive force against him, causing him to sustain psychological injuries and requiring him to work an administrative position.

We here at Redoubt News applaud the officers for their professionalism.

You can follow the case here: Burk et al v. City of Columbus et al

The lawsuit names the City of Columbus, along with Officers Fihe and Winchell, as defendants.

Throughout the entire encounter, Burk screamed multiple excuses as to why he should not be treated the way the Feds treat regular people every day.

You can watch the entire incident in the video below.

In a related story, Agent James Burk has a history of taking advantage of the community, when he was arrested for stealing wine from a local Kroger grocery store in 2015.

According to reports, the store employees grew suspicious of Agent Burk, and his pattern of behavior.

The Bureau of ALCOHOL, Tobacco and Firearms stated they knew of the charges against Burk, and were handling it internally, as reported by ABC Channel 9.



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  1. “The Bureau of ALCOHOL, Tobacco and Firearms stated they knew of the charges against Burk, and were handling it internally.”

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