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Mask Burning Rally #FreeIdaho

The mask is symbol of how government uses fear to take away our God-given rights

Mask Burn Rally #FreeIdaho

Mask Burning Rally

On Saturday, March 6, I invite Idahoans to take part in our version of the Boston Tea Party. After nearly a year of living under conditions in which rights have been suspended, state and national constitutions trampled on, bureaucrats, politicians, and self-styled “experts” deciding who is “essential” and who is not, March 6 is the day we put an end to it all.

March 6 will be a statewide mask burning event. This Mask Burn Party will be a celebration of our Independence from dictatorial rule and a return to self-governance. We the people will mark an end to anything, and everything associated with 2020’s so-called “pandemic.” We’ve had Enough. Liberation is at hand.

We now fully understand that the conditions wrought upon Idahoans and upon most of America were designed to achieve a political outcome—the downfall of a America—and assert global dominance over American culture in which government serves as master of one and all.

It has been well documented that the mask is a crisis communications tool developed by pandemic planners to promote fear mongering as a constant reminder to fear everyone. The mask became a weapon to identify those who worship at the altar of government and those who do not, and the mask is now the most iconic symbol of how government uses fear to take away our God-given rights and pit neighbor against neighbor.

We now must put match to mask and burn the object of our oppression and suffering. We must turn to ash the symbol that defined 2020 and the intentional destruction of a free society. This burning will serve as a symbolic restoration of Liberty, a reminder to those who hold power that we will no longer and never again be subjected to unlawful, unconstitutional edicts. As barrels of masks are lit ablaze, Idahoans will bask in the glow of Liberty and celebrate all that it means to be Free men and women.

I hope you’ll join Idahoans to participate in our Mask Burn Party. This is a grassroots-driven event. I know that there are a lot of lifelong Idahoans who value their Freedom. There are many newcomers, people who fled tyrannical states like California and Oregon, hoping that Idaho offers something better. I’m sorry that Idaho has not exactly been the haven for Freedom it is advertised to be.

When we gather at locations throughout Idaho, we will show that we’re more than a collection of people living in fear and following oppressive orders. We’re Free people living in a Free country, and we intend to keep it that way. Let’s show the world what we’re made of on March 6.

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