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ID Comrade Simpson Wants To Destroy WA Infrastructure

Simpson admits he is not certain that removing the Snake River dams will be enough

ID Comrade Simpson Wants To Destroy WA Infrastructure

Idaho Comrade Simpson Wants To
Destroy Washington Infrastructure

by Shari Dovale

RINO Mike Simpson has always been a little shy about his Leftist leanings. He has attempted to hide them and rebrand them as Republican ideas, but he has not been very successful.

However, with the new regime in place since the Coup d’état called an election in November, he is not shying away any longer. Full steam ahead with his Progressive ideals.

Simpson announced this weekend he is proposing a $34 Billion infrastructure plan titled The Northwest in Transition that would breach four dams in Eastern Washington, to benefit some fish in Idaho.

He admits he is not certain that removing the Snake River dams will be enough to truly help the fish, but that wont stop him from charging the taxpayers $34 Billion to try.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Spokane said in a statement, “These dams are the beating heart of Eastern Washington. Spending $33 billion to breach them — with no guarantee that doing so will restore salmon populations — is a drastic, fiscally irresponsible leap to take.”

All four Marxist-Democrat senators from Washington and Oregon are in favor of trashing the infrastructure, yet Republican House members from Washington and Idaho criticize the plan.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown and WA Gov. Jay Inslee have previously indicated their support for the idea of removing the four dams.

Simpson knows that it could devastate the local areas, beginning with power rates increasing at exponential rates, with some estimating up to 50% increases, and with which the region’s solar or wind resources will not be able to keep up.

For the Pasco School District alone it would mean $400,000 annually that would need to be diverted from educational programs to pay for electricity.

Additionally, agriculture freight transfers would necessarily move to trucks and trains, with those cost possibly increasing by 10 to 33 percent.

How about carbon emissions that go along with increased trucking and train shipments? Hydropower is considered to be relatively green, whereas switching it to fossil fuels will degrade the overall air quality.

The arguments will continue, but Comrade Simpson wants his public alliance with the Communists-in-control, and will forge ahead.


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1 Comment on ID Comrade Simpson Wants To Destroy WA Infrastructure

  1. So why not just build far better fish return methods on all damns and make it easier for the fish and save $33 BIllion or more ? As well stop the China factory fish harvesting in the Pacific ?

    Clearly Idaho has their own morons as well as Oregon and Washington. So when will Idaho take their own steps to become a 2A amnesty state as well as personal health amnesty state and align more clearly with the constitution and basic liberties and rights now under attack nation wide, like Missouri and other states are now doing ?

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