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Dems Not Hiding Their Communist Agenda

To turn this country far left, and ensure we become a communist nation

Dems Not Hiding Their Communist Agenda

Dems Not Hiding Their Communist Agenda

by Shari Dovale

We have spent several years listening to the Radical Leftists lecture us about our our fears of what the Progressive Socialists would do if given the chance to implement their Communist agenda. We were told repeatedly that it was Fake News, misinformation and conspiracy theories.

However, as expected, now that they have reached the pinnacle they needed to implement many of these Communist ideals, they are finally admitting to them.

Death Panels

Remember when they said that there is no such thing as Death Panels? That was just a conspiracy theory put out by Sarah Palin. (Remind yourself here and here.) With Socialized medicine and Universal healthcare, it is a very real fear for those that want to have a say in their own health management. Socialized healthcare takes away your choices.

The reality is that everyone should understand that they could now be treated with the same contempt as the people in the New York nursing homes. Gov. Death will not face retribution for his deliberate abuse of New Yorkers, Instead, I predict that the government propaganda media will yell and scream for the cameras for a few weeks, then (Ba-da-bing) they will pat him on the back and congratulate this devil on winning an Emmy award for his handling of the “crisis”.

The Communists on the Left are openly admitting to these conspiracy theories and telling us that Death panels are here and they are important.

Here Come the Death Panels
Republicans’ fears of ‘death panels’ may be coming true in the era of covid-19

Government Takeover of Business

This has always been called a conspiracy theory as it is one of the planks in the Communist Manifesto. Yet, the Commies on the Left are now openly embracing this tenet.

The idea not only covers Big Business, but shows open scorn for any small businesses, like Mom and Pop shops. They want the government to control manufacturing, and decide which jobs are “essential”.

This is discussed on a multitude of platforms, including Politico, CNN and the Working Families Party.

Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) told the world that “We don’t want low-wage businesses” such as Mom and Pop shops, even as the Congressional Budget Office predicted that raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour would cost 1.4 million Americans jobs.

Election Fraud

This is the largest partisan controversy to hit the American public in known history. President Donald Trump repeated the facts of the election meddling, with everyone including Big Tech companies calling it a big lie.

A plethora of evidence was denied a court hearing, and continues to be refused. The left continue to say these issues have no credibility, and they continued the lie saying the accusations have been debunked. The truth is, the people will never have peace, and the truth will never be allowed to surface, without a day in court.

However, as they seem to think they are immune from accountability for their theft of the Presidential election, the Communist Left are now openly admitting to this treachery in Time Magazine.

They claimed it was a need to “fortify” the election, as their worst fears (that of President Trump winning reelection) were almost guaranteed.

This is the inside story of the conspiracy to save the 2020 election, based on access to the group’s inner workings, never-before-seen documents and interviews with dozens of those involved from across the political spectrum.

a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information. They were not rigging the election; they were fortifying it.

Their work touched every aspect of the election. They got states to change voting systems and laws and helped secure hundreds of millions in public and private funding. They fended off voter-suppression lawsuits, recruited armies of poll workers and got millions of people to vote by mail for the first time. They successfully pressured social media companies to take a harder line against disinformation and used data-driven strategies to fight viral smears.

This is the biggest lie perpetrated on the American public. It was a coup d’état, a takeover of our government, and the Communists in power are now positioned to do their worst damage to our country after having pulled it off.

They intend to turn this country into their ideal Socialist Utopia, another Venezuela. They will not concern themselves with the harsh realities of how the common people will get through it, because that is not their priority. Their priority is to elevate themselves into a one world power, known as the Great Reset.

As it is, Texas is facing a harsh disaster and in need of help. Yet, China Joe ignored their cries for help for nearly a week. Additionally, it has been shown that the disaster could have been averted if Texas had not adopted the Green energy ideals of the Progressive Left.

Add to that, the deception that has been perpetuated on the world’s population is is now taking a different heading. The scamdemic is currently projected to continue (and continue helping the communist agenda) for at least the next year.

That will certainly help turn this country far left, and ensure we become a communist nation.

Oh, wait… that is just a conspiracy theory. Right?


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