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Democrats, Bordering On Insanity

It comes from a Supreme Court decision that removed prayer and God from our schools

Democrats, Bordering On Insanity

Democrats, Bordering On Insanity

by Pete Ketcham

It is baffling to many conservatives today why the liberals continue to promote illogical laws and policies that have absolutely no basis in reality. In many cases these policies and laws when enacted achieve the exact opposite results that were stated they would achieve. They  harm commerce, place the public in danger, cost excessive tax funds, and exacerbate the problem they were touted to fix.

A person could list many examples of these convoluted illogical policies and laws the liberals (Democrats) have come up with. The following examples are just a few of them:

We all see the riots, business brake-ins, robbery, burning police cars, assaulting police, resulting in complete uncontrolled chaos in cities governed by liberal Democrats. What do we see as a response to this crime spree? A call to defund the police force with the result of many officers leaving the force, thus decreasing the effective response to this anarchy at the very time the police force should be increased. This is a complete lack of logic, bordering on insanity.

Not only are the Democrats exacerbating the chaos in the cities by defunding the police, but are now eliminating bail, and refusing to prosecute the criminals who are rioting and burning. Thus the criminals know they can do what they want, and will be out on the street the same day to continue the chaos. Once again this policy is bordering on insanity.

NEW GREEN DEAL/CLIMATE CHANGE HOAX (formerly global warming)
This is a complete hoax with no basis in real science and research data. The efforts to control our culture by the liberals and Democrats in the name of Climate Change is so illogical that it also borders on insanity. The following are three examples (of many) of this insanity.

(A)The Democrat controlled cities and states are now zoning out gas utilities for new housing (mandating all electric) and requiring a retrofit to electric of exiting houses and industrial buildings that use natural gas. At the same time they are initiating legislation to shutdown existing power plants and hydroelectric dams, essentially decreasing the supply of electrical power while requiring additional electrical power.

(B) This same illogical thinking by Democrats promotes the replacement of combustion engine cars & trucks with electric cars & trucks which also requires additional electric power.

(C) The myth that the intermittent power of wind mills and solar farms can replace power plants and hydroelectric dams in the near future is totally unrealistic based on the current demand of electricity.

As we all know there is a horrendous drug problem in the nation that transcends the entire culture, from the homeless community to the top politicians and entertainment personalities. This problem manifests itself in increased crime that the states think they will solve by making drugs legal, and actually assisting the use of drugs by providing centers to dispense free needles, and space to “shoot up”. Once again this policy borders on the fringe of insanity.

The Democrat city governments believe the homeless problem is due to inadequate housing. Their solution is to use tax payer funds to rent hotels /motels and move the drug addicted homeless population into these hotels /motels, which are then  transformed into filthy indoor disease infested crime ridden homeless camps, which the ‘tenants” refuse to leave when requested to do so. The consequences of this policy is to encourage more people to become “homeless”, knowing they will be provided free housing and meals. Lastly, when, or if the homeless ever leave these hotels/motels, the buildings will be so contaminated and infested they will probably have to be torn down. The insanity goes on.

This issue is perhaps the most bizarre illogical policy of them all. For a nation to literal assist and facilitate an invasion of their own country is beyond comprehension. The new Biden immigration bill is beyond anything ever proposed before. It literally opens our borders to drug cartel members, felons, and multitudes that are infected by Covid 19. It not only opens the borders but grants citizenship and unlimited privilege to illegals that are already in the country, privileges that legal citizens are not entitled to. This Biden policy goes far beyond what I can describe in this article, and has crossed the border (no pun intended) into pure insanity. Southern border states will be impacted first, but this disaster will spread throughout the entire nation.

The preceding examples are just a few of the consequences that are overwhelming the major Democrat controlled cities such as New York, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and others. The situation in these cities is almost like having an insane person in charge of your home who is making all the decision, resulting in disastrous consequences. It is obvious that you will have to remove this person before they completely destroy your home, and so it is with the Democrats, they must be removed from positions of power (by any means necessary) before they completely destroy this nation.

And lastly where does all this insanity come from? It comes from a Supreme Court decision that removed prayer and God from our schools in 1962, and in doing so also removed the wisdom and logic of God from the educational process.  In these last 61 years our educational system has evolved into an indoctrination system which has produced the people who are now making the illogical decision, (bordering on insanity) that I have described in the preceding examples.


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  1. At least the ancient Romans could blame their insanity on drinking water from lead pipes. What excuse do those in authority have in this era?

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