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Blitzkrieg (Lighting War) by Pete Ketcham

Republican/conservative response to all this?, they simply complain how unconstitutional this is, and tout the fact that they are the stewards of free speech


Blitzkrieg (Lighting War)

by Pete Ketcham

The Blitzkrieg was a new type of overwhelming warfare the Germans (Nazis) employed to defeat their enemies in WW2. This type of warfare was successfully demonstrated by the complete defeat of the French built “Maginot” wall along the German/French border. This wall consisting of gun emplacements, under ground forts and bunkers which was built based on the French WW1 experience. Because the French were still operating with WW1 strategy, the Germans easily defeated the French by a WW2 Blitzkrieg operation of going around and over (Stuka dive bombers) their obsolete WW1 wall.

What I have just described is a fact of history, but more importantly it is a present day portrayal of the conflict between the Republican Party and the Democrat Party, the Republicans being the French, and the Democrats the Germans.

Present Day

What is taking place today is not a conventional political battle between political parties, as it was in the past, but a determined effort by a criminal coalition who have taken control of the Democrat party to destroy this constitutional nation, and replace it with a communist/socialist type of government.

The Republicans have failed to realize (as did the French) that they are fighting a war with obsolete strategy against an enemy (Democrats) who have employed a new strategy to completely obliterate the conservative God-fearing culture by any and all means, legal or illegal.

One of the most effective strategies the criminals (Democrats) have employed is the take over of the news media & social media and turn them into a propaganda agency for their cause. In addition to this, they are using a Blitzkrieg campaign strategy to silence the voice of any opposition that disagrees with them.

And so what is the Republican/conservative response to all this?, they simply complain how unconstitutional this is, and tout the fact that they ( the Republicans) are the stewards of free speech, and It is simply unfair what the Democrats are doing. This mantra is projected by conservative talk shows 12 hours a day with zero solutions or strategy for victory. The Republicans do not understand that this is now all out warfare, and they have no choice but to destroy their enemy, as their enemy the Democrats are dedicated to destroy them by any means available.

I revert back to WW2 for one more example. The German Luftwaffe began bombing British civilians in London and in many other British cities. And so what did the British do?, did they cry how unfair this was and build more bomb shelters?, no they built up their own bomber force and bombed the hell out of the German cities and factories. Was bombing civilians in wartime a noble operation?, no, but the British realized they had no choice if they were to prevent the Germans from bombing their nation into a parking lot, and then invading their country.


Likewise today, the nation’s conservatives are in the same situation as were the British in WW2, and have no choice but to destroy, neutralize, take down, (call it what you may) the mainstream news media and social media by any means available. The Republicans must fight fire with fire. If they don’t, they are going to loose their constitutional nation to a criminal political party that is hell bent on replacing it with an illogical chaotic type of socialist rule that will literally destroy this nation, that is, if the Chinese don’t do it first.


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