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Article of Impeachment – Incitement of Insurrection

5 GOP senators voted with all 50 Democrat senators not to dismiss the trial. Remember their names

Article of Impeachment – Incitement of Insurrection

Articles of Impeachment – Incitement of Insurrection

by Shari Dovale

House Democrats introduced, and voted for, a single article of impeachment charging President Trump with incitement of insurrection concerning the events of January 6th. This was then sent to the Senate on January 25, 2021, well after Trump’s departure from Washington DC.

The Senate has scheduled a trial on this charge, due to begin the week of Feb. 8th

Senate rules require all 100 senators to be present on the Senate floor and seated in their assigned seats, six days a week until the trial is complete. However, Comrade Biden has asked that the Senate divide their time between impeachment and his Marxist agenda, including passing legislation for Covid 19(84). Republicans have rejected that plan.

Senator Rand Paul introduced a resolution to say that the impeachment trial is unconstitutional since President Trump is no longer in office. 45 Republicans voted in favor of dismissing the trial.

5 GOP senators voted not to dismiss the trial. They voted with all 50 Democrat senators to table the point of order. Remember their names:

• Susan Collins, Maine
• Lisa Murkowski, Alaska
• Ben Sasse, Neb.
• Pat Toomey, Pa.
• Mitt Romney, Utah

President Trunp is a private citizen. It has been acknowledged that the sole purpose for this action was to keep him from running for public office again.

 You can read the document below:


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  1. I love what the MSM calls an insurrection? If this has been a true insurrection the capital building wouldn’t be standing. The wife has banned me from watching most because I was taking way to many nitro pills.

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