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America Must Return To Christian Roots

This indoctrination system had been completely “bullet proof” to any influence by the conservative Christian right

America Must Return To Christian Roots

America Must Return To Christian Roots

by Pete Ketcham

It is generally acknowledged by both the liberal left and the conservative right that our national educational system (especially college campuses) is the base of the present woke culture. This woke culture supports a school curriculum that promotes unrestricted abortion, the perverse LGBT agenda, open borders, the concept of white racism, the concept that America is an evil nation, and in  general, the entire Democrat party agenda.

The national education system from first grade to college graduate school has in reality  been a godless indoctrination system, that for many years has taught every untrue and deviant concept the God-fearing conservatives have been fighting against. The curriculums are absolutely bizarre and illogical, fostering anti-christian concepts and promoting the LGBT agenda. It is now so bizarre that California has declared math white racism because it demands one correct answer to a math problem.

In combination with the teachers union (NEA) this indoctrination system, for years, had been completely “bullet proof” to any influence by the conservative Christian right since they had removed God and the christian influence out of the system beginning in the 60’s. The covid 19 pandemic disrupted this system for the first time, providing an opportunity for parents (Christian and Non-Christian) to take partial control of their children’s education by shutting down “in person “learning”, and going to “remote learning” at home.

And so what has been Trump and the Republican Party’s reaction to the disruption of this “indoctrination system”? They have fought hard to get it all back into full operation so the children won’t miss out on their “education”. This type of paradoxical logic is akin to an army fighting an enemy, and supplying that enemy all the weapons and ammunition it needs.

Sadly, it is becoming more obvious each day, that this nation will be unable to return to it’s christian based constitutional origin, if it depends on the Republican Party as it exists today.

In the past the Tea Party had made a conservative difference by revitalizing the  Republican Party, but the effect was short lived. The last four years Trump worked hard to bring beneficial change to our nation, but  failed to realize, that, before you can MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, you must make AMERICA GOOD AGAIN, and before you can make America good again, America must return to it’s Christian roots.


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