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America Is Awake!

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America Is Awake!

Last night there was over 60 people attending the Bonner County Planning and Zoning Commission. A 160 acre plot of land was applying for a zone change and comprehensive plan amendment for a subdivision to go from 5 acres to 10 acres. Bonner County Planner, Tessa Vogel, gave an excellent summation of all the hazards involved in passing the applications, with “no pass” advised. Local speakers from the Hoodoo Valley against the applications mentioned:

  • Bonner County Comprehensive Plan states the desire to preserve and protect agriculture and prime farm land.
  • A huge increase in Spirit Lake Cutoff traffic which is already over saturated and has four 90 degree turns, no shoulder and has high accident reports.
  • The aquifer would be greatly impacted for local citizens who have shallow wells.
  • Subterranean creeks that feed into Hoodoo Creek could be polluted by the purposed 32 septic systems.
  • Fire and medical emergency support in the area is already over strained.

Thank you to all who showed up to share valuable information and lend a voice from the local community to the commission. The 111 citizen signed petition also alerted them to the egregious outcome if these applications were passed.

Consequently, the Planning and Zoning Commission is recommending denying this application to the County Commissioners. Thank you Bonner County Hoodoo Valley engaged residents and the open ears of the Planning and Zoning Commission!

Maureen Paterson
Priest River, Idaho

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