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We Will Never Surrender

There is no doubt that we have dark times ahead, but we are Americans

We Will Never Surrender

We Will Never Surrender

These are definitely the times that try men’s souls. These are probably the try-ingest times this country has ever seen, equal to or surpassing 1776.

We are in a war that is not of our own choosing, a war that Marxists inside and outside of our country, aided by the Media, perpetuated. There has been an ongoing campaign by the far left, to pull off a coup against our President and our country four more than 4 years and after exhausting all legal means to do so, and a lot of immoral wicked tricks and lies, it was finally successful by illegal means. I’m just going to say it; our Presidential election and probably the Senate was stolen by fraud.

I totally understand the emotion and remorse you all feel along with at least 80 million Trump supporters out there, there is no one that loves Liberty and this country more than I do, but I’m asking you to not lose hope, and to never surrender, because all we have left is hope, and guns. Those two things will be our salvation, because the radicals on the left cannot complete their goal of world destruction and domination while we are armed.

We are the only hope for the world. We are the only hope for our children. We can never give up our guns, no matter what. These are the times that the founders articulated a 2nd Amendment for.

I am hearing Patriots all over the country, and especially in Oregon, saying they will never vote again, and that they are leaving the Republican party. Then what; that is exactly what the enemy wants, for you to lose hope, give up, and to let them win without firing a shot. If we do that, we might as well gift wrap our country and hand them the keys. I will never surrender, and I’m asking that you join me.

President Trump is not giving up, he is planning on staying in the Republican Party, and fighting from outside of Washington DC, and I think our duty lies with him, and to our children.

There is no doubt that we have dark times ahead, but we are Americans, and we survived the traitor Obozo, and will survive the criminal traitors Biden and his ineligible VP.

Now is a time for prayer, and resolve. We must Invoke God into this country and this situation and remain steadfast for the next 4 years. I do believe that civil war is inevitable and with God on our side, no one can defeat us. God Bless.

In Liberty,
Chris Brumbles
Columbia County Coordinator
Oregon Firearms Federation
N. Coordinator SASO
Host, Trigger Warning AM 1600 KOHI


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