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Tragedy And Lies In Washington DC

It has been estimated that 3.5 million people descended on Washington DC for this rally.

Tragedy And Lies In DC
Crowds celebrate and wave flags. (Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian)

Tragedy And Lies In Washington DC

When I woke up on January 6th, 2021, I didn’t really know what to expect. My hopes, along with millions of other American-loving Patriots, were that somehow our elected employees in Washington DC would find a way to right the wrongs that have been committed in our recent election. I was hoping that the electoral count would at least be postponed until a proper investigation could be done into the fraud that was committed on the American people.

As the day went by, I got text after text updating information from things going on around the country. Then of course, all the mis and disinformation coming from the lamestream to keep us off balance and confused. Even in the eleventh hour of the turn toward darkness for our country, the media kept putting out lies and Twitter decided to censor our President by canceling his account.

They say that the truth will set you free, but to the left, the truth is a threat, hence the attempt to shut everyone and everything down that is not insane and does not fit their current narrative, including the President of the United States.

When I heard of a Patriot woman getting shot in the capitol, I figured that it would be days before we heard the truth of what happened, if ever. That is when a Columbia County Oregon PCP called my wife from DC. As they were talking, I asked if I could interview her to get her perspective on what she saw and heard in Washington DC. Linda Robb was gracious enough to tell her side of the story.

Linda told me that she went to Washington DC to do her part to Stop The Steal and it started out awesome; Patriots from wing to wing enjoying the trip to our Nation’s Capital. When I asked her how DC was, she said it was a great experience; they went to a bunch of different rallies with fun loving good American Patriots everywhere. She said it was great until the very end at the capitol.

Patriots were even invited to go meet our great President Trump the morning of the 6th. Linda was in line at 7am, but finally got in and the President showed up around 11am. She said that the President was awesome, and everyone had a great time. President Trump even said he might walk to the Capitol with everyone.

When Linda got to the capitol, Patriots had already breached the building, but were civil, peaceable, and having a good time. What you probably have not heard is that 4 buses of Antifa were escorted in by the Capitol Police and the terrorists were pressed past the Patriots. They were wearing Patriot clothing for, I assume, nefarious reasons.

Linda told me that everything was great until the Capitol Police just turned on the Patriots shooting them with rubber bullets and CS gas, an obvious overuse of force.

I am not sure of the exact time, but she said that the lady that was killed did nothing wrong; she just walked through the doors of the Senate’s Chambers and was immediately shot. At first everyone thought she was shot with a shotgun in the face, but later everyone realized she was shot in the neck…she died of her wounds.

Ashli ​​Babbitt

After the shooting, everyone received an emergency text alert telling them that Washington DC would have a 6pm curfew. When Linda went outside, the Capital was surrounded with swat as the peaceful Patriots were still on the Capitol steps celebrating their country and trying to stop the steal.

Linda went back to her motel room and received a text from a friend of hers that was still there, telling her that Antifa had beat to death another woman outside the Capitol in the grass. I still, at the time of writing this, have not heard that from the lamestream.

Linda did want people to know that not once did President Trump come up on a big screen and ask Patriots to leave. I know that many of us saw the video or heard it on the radio, but Linda seems to think this was fabricated.

What started out to be a great day for most ended up being a tragedy for the poor murder victims and their families. Our President was censored, people were murdered, and many lies told by the media.

We are officially a banana Republic now entrenched with traitors and deceit. Everything we have been founded on is being violated and dismissed. I am tired of Patriots being murdered and we need to think deeply about where we go from here.

Giving up our Liberty is not an option, and more Patriots getting murdered is unthinkable. I support Constitutional Cops but will not tolerate Jackboots. If unarmed Patriots keep getting shot, at some point they will show up armed and shoot back. Or is that what they want? 

In Liberty,
Chris Brumbles
Columbia County Coordinator
Oregon Firearms Federation
N. Coordinator SASO
Host, Trigger Warning AM 1600 KOHI


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