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Republicans Need Help

It is imperative that the Republicans initiate some type of action that moves them to a proactive position

Republicans Need Help

Republicans Need Help

by Pete Ketcham

It’s been an enlightening and frightening aftermath of the National Capital break-in/riot that occurred on January sixth.

In response to this Capital break-in/riot, the resulting lockout of conservative expression and opinion by the liberals has been far greater and more vicious than expected. In fact the liberal reaction has extended into corporate America as they exclude conservative businesses and individuals from participating in commerce. One can only imagine how much worse it is going to get once the Democrats take control of the White House and the Senate.

It is somewhat mind boggling how fast the Republicans lost political power, literally within one month. It is also hard to realize that the one speech Trump made on January sixth was the catalyst that started this whole collapse of conservative influence. Many will argue that Trump is not to blame for what happened at the capital, but Trump bears partial responsibility by his speech motivating his supporters to make an impact at the capital (that got out of control) with rhetoric such as “If you don’t fight like hell you’re not going to have a country anymore.”

But now the lockout of conservative public communication is accelerating at an alarming rate. This lockout is going to put the Republicans at a tremendous disadvantage at all future electoral contests for political office if alternative means are not found to replace Twitter, Facebook, Google etc..

The reality of this present national political battle, is that the Democrats are effectively out-maneuvering and out-strategizing the Republicans in most areas of political conflict.

With their control of the mainstream media and social media platforms, the Democrats are able to do the illegal and unconstitutional acts (with impunity), that they accuse the Republicans of. Its possible that this advantage the Democrats have could be partially countered with a coalition movement described as follows:

The movement
At present the Trump supporters and conservatives are an un-unified group of people marching down the various city streets waving flags and banners, but lacking an organized structure. They do have the potential of becoming an effective unified force if they come together as a nationwide organized political coalition.

Although this coalition would be similar to the Tea Party, it could be structured more like the Republican party as presently organized in the states and counties. This coalition’s primary mission would be to revitalize the Republican Party by  seeing that the Republic candidates are actually true conservative patriots. The Secondary mission could be to hold local meetings (to increase membership), rallies, peaceful demonstrations, voter drives, initiate recall petitions etc.

It is acknowledged that this coalition would not be the total solution to the dilemma the Republicans face, but it could be a positive step in the right direction if a capable individual or group would arise to begin the formation of this coalition.

In any event, it is imperative that the Republicans initiate some type of action that moves them to a proactive position if they are going to save this constitutional nation (with God’s help) from it’s present slide into a socialist/communist state.


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