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The New Normal: Democrat Violence and Socialism

The 80 million people that voted for President Trump will need to make their choices.

New Normal: Democrat Violence and Socialism

The New Normal: Democrat Violence and Socialism 

by Shari Dovale

The Democrats have been screaming for violence against conservatives for decades but never more prominently than in the last year.

Since the Capital riots last week, in which evidence shows that the Left-wing Radical group Antifa led the charge to storm the Capital building, they have attempted to cover their hateful Black Hats and criminal masks by trying to portray themselves as law abiding and gentle. No one is buying that drivel.

The Marxists in the Democrat Party are delusional when they think that no one remembers the violence that the Radical Left Extremists have been calling for. But, just in case, let’s throw a few reminders out there.

Though it goes back further than Obama, he certainly led the pack with his hateful campaign in 2008.

In June 2008, Obama enjoyed spouting his “Chicago Way” by saying, ‘If They Bring a Knife to the Fight, We Bring a Gun

In Elko, Nevada, the divider-in-chief said, “I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors. I want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face,” he said.

He continued this hateful rhetoric after he obtained the White House:

In a radio interview with Univision in Oct. 2010, Obama urged Latino voters to “punish [their] enemies” and “reward [their] friends who stand with [them].”

In 2010, Obama turned up the hatred by calling Tea Party activists “the teabag anti-government people.”

And let’s not forget how he used the White House Easter prayer to attack Christians.

And, of course, in 2009, during the first few months after the election, his Department of Homeland Security put out a baseless memo regarding threats from “right-wing extremists.” To be characterized as such, you simply needed to be against abortion or illegal immigration.

With this racist leading the pack, the violent rhetoric by the Democrat Marxists were treated as a mandate. The attacks against Conservatives, Christians, and anyone that did not accept their agenda were escalated.

Hillary Clinton praised the people who were marching and protesting against anyone who doesn’t agree with their progressive agenda.

Former vice presidential candidate in the Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign, Senator Tim Kaine (D-Va.) called on liberals to fight in the streets against Trump and his supporters. Coincidentally, Kaine’s son was arrested during Antifa protests.

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch called For ‘Blood, Death On Streets’ To Protest Trump

Maxine Waters called for people to confront members of Trump’s cabinet in public places.

Cory Booker told everyone To Harass Republican “Congresspeople”

This hostility towards conservatives intensified and spread to the Liberal Media, the Hollyweird crowd, and then to their blind followers in the general public.

CNN’s Chris (Fredo) Cuomo: “Show me where it says protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful.”

Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” is performed in New York’s Central Park featuring Trump’s gruesome assassination.

Former CNN host Kathy Griffin posts (and reposts) an appalling photo of herself holding a fake severed head that was meant to represent Trump.

Liberal preschool teacher in Seattle tells BLM rally that it’s time to start murdering white conservatives.

Rapper Bow Wow threatens to “pimp” First Lady Melania Trump if the president ever again calls out Snoop Dogg for making a music video where the rapper executes a clown-faced Trump.

Now that Mike Pence has thrown his hat in the ring with the Marxists, we can no longer call this rhetoric. The threats against President Donald Trump have become literal attacks.

With his remaining time in the White House down to a countable number of hours, the Democrats in DC, and their Never-Trumper Comrades, are spending their time on revenge against him.

They have been unsuccessful in their attempt to get him removed early through the 25th amendment, therefore they want to embarrass him with a second impeachment, which cannot be heard by the Senate until after the constitutionally-set inauguration day on January 20th.

With the cheating scandal that placed the Democrat Communists in a Trifecta of controlling all three branches of Federal government, they are blatant in their disregard for what is good for the country. It is now openly all about their agenda.

They can now spend their time on Fundamentally Transforming this country into a Communist state.

They have already said they want a Truth Ministry, like in the Orwellian novel 1984, called a Truth and Reconciliation committee.

With lists such as the ‘Trump Accountability Project,’ Democratic revenge and purges are here to stay. They are making lists of anyone that has opposed them, beginning with elected officials that challenged the November election.

This will pick up speed and roll downhill with a snowball’s effect towards the citizens. The Constitution will be altered, and the Bill of Rights will fly out the window. The electoral college will end up a footnote in some history book somewhere.

We are no longer a Constitutional Republic. We are a Socialist state, with Communism visible on the horizon.

The 80 million people that voted for President Trump will need to make their choices. Will they stand true to their convictions, or bow to the current Communist Regime?

God help us.


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10 Comments on The New Normal: Democrat Violence and Socialism

  1. Thank you Shari. It’s April from Portland (now Shelton WA) I just found out so much more about what is going on in my legislature from you than locally- and I live about 35 miles away from Olympia. You’re amazing!

  2. idiots who don’t know history are so amusing. NOT. FOR THE RECORD: Hitler RELAXED gun restrictions. Yes, that’s a fact, look it up. Nazis for abortion? prove it. Media mind control? Well, the Nazis must have sucked at it because the Reich was influenced by public opinion and caved in quickly to public pressure/opinion. Seriously stop with the BS propaganda. There was no mass murder of jews in WW 2. THEIR OWN JEWISH CENSUS RECORDS PROVE IT – LOOK IT UP. THEIR OWN RECORDS Prove that their population held fairly steadily, actually increasing slightly, throughout the WW 2 era – there were 15 million jews BEFORE WW 2, DURING WW 2, and AFTER WW 2. THere were jews in the Third Reich Military, INCLUDING OFFICERS.

    In actuality, the WEST (EUrope and America) OWE Germany a debt still unpayed for opposing communism. The USA and England AIDED communism and GAVE Eastern Europe to Stalin. THAT’s the real history that doesn’t get mentioned. Hitler staunchly opposed communism, as did patriotic Germans. BTW, MORONS, Angela Merkel is a jew.

    • Idiots who don’t know history? Read any reputable history book on Nazis (not revised, but old and closer to the times or from a German in the 1930s like Rise and Fall of the Third Reich- which I can tell you haven’t read). Or speak to a survivor from those times. My best friend’s father was in the SS. Extermination camps began with killing mentally retarded, disabled, mentally ill etc. Abortions were pushed for any people NOT German, or if the parents were of the class they wanted to get rid of. I know people who survivved the death camps…all their families killed and entire Jewish towns wiped out. Nazis kept LISTS of all the people they killed- usually by name.. Why are you campaigning to remove this well document genocide? You weren’t’ there but they were.

      • No, you don’t – no you didn’t.

        The only HISTORIAN to do the work, research the documents, interview witnesses, was David Irving. DURING his research, Irving concluded Hitler knew nothing of the “death camps,” because there was zero mention of it – LATER in his research, Irving concluded there were no death camps, they were WORK CAMPS. This is backed up by the RED CROSS who had access and put the TOTAL number of deaths at under 280,000- not all of those deaths jews, and the vast majority of those deaths from TYPHUS.
        you are A HASBARA TROLL.

        your “witnesses” contradicted themselves in court proceedings (Ernst Zundel) and were proven liars by EXPERTS in gas chambers and cremation. liars, like you

  3. Indeed, God help us….At this point, with the levers of power seized by fanatical leftists, any question of whether they got there by fraud or not is moot…We now have a one party Federal Govt, and as Ms Dovale has illustrated, it is a govt with scores to settle..A govt set on making examples out of people…How can they be stopped ?…Am I being unrealistic in imagining levers pulled in DC only to find that they are not connected to anything ?…the conduits cut at state lines..

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