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HR 127 – The Marxists Are Coming For Your Guns

There will be a complete database kept for every firearm in the United States

HR 127 - The Marxists Are Coming For Your Guns

HR 127 – The Marxists Are Coming For Your Guns

by Shari Dovale

The Comrade Marxists are taking full advantage of their Democrat Trifecta control in Washington DC, and they are not wasting any time in doing so.

Representative Sheila Jackson Lee is known for pushing gun control, even though she is enormously ignorant about which she speaks, such as saying,

Don’t condemn the gangbangers, they’ve got guns that are trafficked — that are not enforced, that are straw purchased and they come into places even that have strong gun laws. Why? Because we don’t have sensible gun legislation.”

Lee is at it again, demanding even more gun control.

HR 127 was introduced and is a gun grab of which these Commies should be proud.

Soft-peddled as just a way of providing for the licensing of firearms (as if that wasn’t bad enough) this bill is actually so much more.

If this bill should pass, it will immediately require the registration of all firearms and ammunition in your possession, even antique guns that you display in your home. The deadline for doing so is 3 months, after which you could be fined and/or imprisoned, hundreds of thousand of dollars and decades in prison.

This bill covers everything, including requiring you to notify and get permission from the US Attorney General before you could loan a pistol to your brother to take to the gun range.

Yes, of course there will be a complete database kept for every firearm in the United States, which naturally will make it easier for the Feds to round them up when they are ready.

But, of course they are looking out for you, as they will even provide Insurance for your firearms.


‘‘(1) IN GENERAL.—The Attorney General shall issue to any person who has applied for a license pursuant to subsection (c) and has paid to the Attorney General the fee specified in paragraph (2) of this subsection a policy that insures the person against liability for losses and damages resulting from the use of any firearm by the person during the 1-year period that begins with the date the policy is issued.

How about that? Read the full bill below:


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