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Hate Is Alive & Well In DC

Inside that woman beats a heart of hate and vengeance

Hate Is Alive & Well In DC

Hate Is Alive & Well In DC

by Pete Ketcham

The old adage “Hell Hath no Fury Like A Woman Scorned” comes to mind when I think of the all consuming hate Nancy Pelosi has shown for Donald Trump, coupled with her latest endeavor to impeach Trump before he leaves office, as she pulls her two minions (Nadler and Schif
f) back out of the closet to begin the process.

She has spent almost all her political energy these last four years trying to destroy Trump’s image and thwarting his legislative endeavors.

We have seen this play out in the house impeachment hearings (conducted by her minions Nadler and Schiff), tearing up Trump’s State of the Union speech on national television, standing up and leaving in the middle of a White House conference, and holding her own press conference. There are many more occasions where she and her cohort Chuck Schumer publicly exhibited their hate for Trump.

Even though Trump has lost his political office, and Pelosi  has retained her office, it is not enough for her. Her deep and all consuming hate is driving her to see if she can completely destroy any vestige of his accomplishments or credibility prior to his leaving office.

Lastly, one must not be misled by Pelosi’s  calm and mature demeanor as she goes about her destructive task, for inside that woman beats a heart of hate and vengeance that will never be satiated until Trump is completely destroyed.


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