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Gov. Little Having A Meltdown over Idaho Legislators

The Legislature finally had enough of Little's antics and are doing something about it.

Gov. Little Having A Meltdown over Idaho Legislators

Gov. Little Having A Meltdown over Idaho Legislators

by Shari Dovale

The Republican majority in Boise is listening to their constituents and trying to end the lockdown imposed by Governor Brad Little nearly a year ago.

Little has shut the lawmakers out of the process since the beginning. They finally had enough of his antics and are doing something about it.

Currently, only the governor can call the Legislature into a special session, and the lawmakers can only address topics the governor chooses.

Together the House and Senate are putting an end to this tyranny. In a 51-18 vote on January 21st, the Idaho House approved a constitutional amendment (HJR 1) that would allow lawmakers to bypass the Governor and call themselves into special sessions. If this passes the Senate by a two-thirds vote, it would then would be put to voters in the 2022 general election.

This is just one of about a dozen bills introduced to combat the Governor’s tyrannical measures over the Covid 19(84) emergency declaration. The legislators are also working on bills to end the lockdown completely, as well as limit the powers of the Governor during any future emergencies. Including:

  • HCR1ends the existing state of disaster emergency in Idaho
  • HCR2 to lift the restriction on groups of 10 or more under the Governor’s Emergency Declaration

However, Little Brad is not taking these changes calmly. He responded on January 22, and seemed to be having a bit of a come-apart. Little laid the blame for all problems with the lockdown at the feet of the lawmakers.

Using the Left-wing extremists narrative, he accused the Legislature of “perpetuating misinformation about emergency declarations.”

Additionally, this wannabe ruler told these elected officials, “Abandon the myth that the emergency declaration somehow infringes on our rights.”

He did not seem to remember when he ordered the State Police to shut down a bar in Kendrick, Idaho, or when a mother was arrested during her children’s play date at a park. How about when he told a mother she could be arrested for having a garage sale?

He has not addressed the concerns of those that are not allowed to visit their ailing elders in nursing homes. The health of these older folks are deteriorating because they cannot visit with their loved ones.

Brad has a habit of laying blame on everyone else, and forgetting that he initiated all of these actions.

I don’t want to be doing this. I don’t want us to focus all this energy on the past 11 months.  I want us to focus on the future. We have a bright path ahead of us.” ~ Gov. Brad Little

That is just another way of saying that he wants you to forget what he has already done, so that he can do it again.

There was swift backlash from the legislators after Little’s hostility.

The Republican Caucus released this statement:

Members of the House Republican Caucus will continue to work to address the concerns of the Idaho families whom they represent. The inflammatory comments from the Governor’s office do nothing but complicate the process. The life-altering concerns revolving around the COVID-19 emergency continue to be in the front of our minds. Our members are working on various forms of legislation to help the state on its road to the recovery that Idahoans have been demanding for months and we call on the Governor to work with us in this process.

Rep. Chad Christensen posted the following to his Facebook page:

Little has already been rebuked by leading Republicans around the state, as well as his constituents.

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Brad has embedded himself a Little too deep in the swamp. I predict he will shortly fade away as his hopes for re-election are dashed.


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3 Comments on Gov. Little Having A Meltdown over Idaho Legislators

  1. We’re having the same issues here in NH with a “republican” king governor. Our state conservative blog The GraniteGrok ( keeps chipping away at the crazy stuff…republicans (not necessarily conservatives) won both houses this time around. Hopefully they can put the governor in his rightful place….but I’m not going to hold my breath, Good luck there in Idaho!

  2. I wrote this POS today. I’m an RN and I totally disagree with ANY restriction and I’m tired of politicians pretending they know more than I do, sitting in their offices doing NOTHING. Little doesn’t want to risk losing federal funding and he said as much. He will hold our lives and freedoms hostage for money!

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