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Gov. Brad Little Extends Idaho Lockdown FOREVER

There is no end date and states that it will continue until he changes it in writing.

Gov. Brad Little Extends Idaho Lockdown FOREVER

Gov. Brad Little Extends Idaho Lockdown FOREVER

by Shari Dovale

Gov. Brad Little has regularly extended his draconian lockdown orders for the people of Idaho.

From the first lockdown ordered on March 13, 2020 to the latest, dated December 30, 2020, Brad Little has kept his knee on the neck of the people.

Little and his cronies are at it again, telling the citizens what they can and cannot do, where they can go, who they can visit, how they can worship, and what they are allowed to celebrate.

After multiple extensions over many months, it seems that Little has finally gotten tired of reissuing the same orders every couple of weeks.

His latest order is now UNLIMITED! There is no end date and states that it will continue until he changes it in writing. Temporary can be years! Unlimited can be Forever!

So, Little thinks he can keep people from gathering to discuss these Communist orders, at least no more than 10 at a time? He thinks he can get us to turn our backs on our worship and fellowship?

But Wait! Little Brad has allowed for gatherings of ‘political expression.’ So if we want to have a political protest, then that is okay.

Although, I would really appreciate it if he would explain to me how a political protest of hundreds, or even thousands of people, is more important than me seeing my aging mother in assisted living? Her mental health is deteriorating because she cannot have visitors, or touch her children or grandchildren, yet hundreds of Antifa should be allowed to scream about Anarchy?

Keeping it in perspective, let’s not forget that the current numbers for the Wuhan Flu still have the numbers of recovery over 99%.


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4 Comments on Gov. Brad Little Extends Idaho Lockdown FOREVER

  1. Note that neither of our Senators supported Trump. It’s crickets from both of them. Conclusion? Both are bought and paid for just like Little Adolf.

    • Idaho only gives 75 days to collect over 180000 signatures. The lock-downs worked in his favor – all events cancelled making it nearly impossible to accomplish. Push your legislators to impeach.

      • Thanks, cal tex! I drove an hour each way just to sign the nearest recall petition so I can certainly try hammering on the legislators now. It’s crazy. 180,000 signatures in 75 days and his tighter and prolonged lockdows then serve to protect his tyrannical power!

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