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FCC Warns Radio Operators and DC Turned Into Green Zone


Episode 21-02 FCC Warns Radio Operators and DC Turned Into Green Zone


One of the most significant demographic shifts in the United States today is the movement of people with fundamental American and Judeo-Christian value systems moving into the inland Pacific Northwest. Particularly, this retreat to higher ground encompasses Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Eastern Oregon, and Eastern Washington.

It’s hardly visible, as a strong current under the surface. But it’s there. That, my friends, is the American Redoubt. A stronghold. A safe haven. A refuge.


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1 Comment on FCC Warns Radio Operators and DC Turned Into Green Zone

  1. The one defining point to all of this SHAM upon America, that puts the rubber to the road and sets it ALL in perfect perspective, alone and by itself, being beyond dispute, is that Hydroxychloroquine can put the COVID down in 2 weeks, across America and the World. Trump knew this. Yet he did nothing. He did nothing to create a program to distribute this known cure to the American People. He knew it as a cure. If I did, he did, and he even made comments to the fact. Rather, he allowed Globalist/Belial Gates-owned Fauci and Company to call all the shots. Rather than stand up and act, looking to suffer no negative Press unto himself (God forbid) or look bad, let us just shut down the economy and livelihoods of the People. Let the People die, rather than Trump stand and fight and suffer a few negative views.
    Another defining point, is that within the first week after evident Foreign Interference in the Election, which was an act of war, it became absolutely valid to activate the National Guard to Secure the Voting Machines and conduct a real and valid Audit. Trump knew this also. Yet he did not act.
    On Jan. 6th hundreds of thousands of People were brought to DC by Trump, putting forth great expense unto themselves – for what exactly? So that Trump could soak up more adoration unto himself? Catching one last HIGH? So that the Nazis could create a False Flag and blame Trump and the American People, then subsequently justify the activation of some type of Martial Law, deploying 40,000 troops, based upon flimsy BS? Trump did not know this would happen? There was no purpose other than “something fantastic is going to happen” – Like WHAT?!
    It now looks as if Trump was more concerned with receiving the adoration of the masses, than them retaining their Liberty, Freedom and LIVELIHOODS. It seems that rather than spending every day “Rallying” (for Trumps ego?), that the time (ours) would have been better spent actually DOING something – like SECURING the future of the American People from Communism, Ruin and Collapse. Like actually WORKING to figure it all out and make plans to counter it.
    Rather than Trump leading the People in Faith and adoration of himself, they would have been better served to have been led to the adoration and Faith in GOD. Then America would be in a far different place today. There is no question to that fact. Maybe that was the entire purpose of Trump? Sound strange? Balaam did similar in ancient times, turning away the power of God’s help from the People, by them embracing something besides His Law. Seeking their way by another besides God.
    It has always bothered me, about the statue of the angel in love with the woman, that Trump has set out in his apartment at Trump Tower. Oh how deceptive satan is, as his Ministers that stand at the pulpit before God’s people, claiming to speak the Words of God. “A little leaven, leaveneth the whole loaf”.
    When you scratch the surface, just a little bit, it appears as if Trump just took us on another ride – JUST LIKE THE REST.
    It ain’t Trump or anyone else that is going to save us. We all know very well WHO it will be that does. Our Faith should have been directed there, and no place else. He has a name – JESUS.
    Now we and our children will probably BLEED before it is all over with. That was completely unnecessary. It is time for us all to get our heads out of our a$$es and figure that out! We will not have a choice now.

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