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Dems Start To Panic At Overplaying Their Hand

This is more of the propaganda they used leading up to the Election Fraud

Dems Start To Panic At Overplaying Their Hand
Unlike any previous presidential inauguration, the new Commie regime will take the reigns behind locked gates and with a 20,000+strong army of National Guardsmen to protect them. Photo: AAP

Dems Start To Panic At Overplaying Their Hand


by Shari Dovale

We have had a Communist Coup in the United States. This has torn our country apart, with very few people believing we are still a Constitutional Republic.

The majority of the country voted to re-elect President Donald Trump, yet the Dems will coronate His Fraudulency on Wednesday to take the reigns and complete the Fundamental Transformation of our beloved Republic to their Marxist Dynasty.

“Tell the truth, or someone will tell it for you.”
― Stephanie Klein, Straight Up and Dirty

Democrat Rep. Steve Cohen (TN) on Monday gave an indication, however, that the Dem traitors are concerned that they may have overplayed their hand. They obviously realize that the majority of this country voted for President Trump, and now they have to rely on these same right-wingers to protect their new Marxist leaders.

According to a transcript, Cohen said (emphasis added):

I was reading about this on my Twitter account, I guess, and people were reminding people of Anwar Sadat and Indira Gandhi who were killed by their own people. I was thinking, the guard is 90 some odd percent, I believe, male.

Only about 20 percent of white males voted for Biden. You have got to figure that the guard, which is predominantly more conservative and I see that on my social media, and we know it, they are probably 25 percent of the people that are there protecting us who voted for Biden.

The other 75 percent are in the class that would be the large class of folks who might want to do something. And there were military people and police who took oath to defend the Constitution and to protect and defend who didn’t do it who were in the insurrection. So it does concern me. But the vetting at the last minute —

Because of these fears, the Democrat-Socialists have fortified the US Capital, locking it down against any and all citizens. They cannot take a chance that anyone gets near their new regime.

Yahoo News calls it “war-zone-like security” with razor wire and no crowds.

AP reports that the FBI is vetting Guard troops in DC amid fears of insider attack.

U.S. defense officials say they are worried about an insider attack or other threat from service members involved in securing President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, prompting the FBI to vet all of the 25,000 National Guard troops coming into Washington for the event.

But, guess what? If you read down through that AP article, you will notice that they have buried this tidbit of information:

…he and other leaders say they have seen no evidence of any threats, and officials said the vetting hadn’t flagged any issues that they were aware of.”

They have no evidence of any threats, yet they want the narrative to be all about the threats from Trump supporters. How about that for stirring the divisiveness pot?

This is more of the propaganda they used leading up to the Election Fraud, and what we will find as part of the New Normal going forward. But with their propaganda and lies, they will also panic, as they are showing now.


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35 Comments on Dems Start To Panic At Overplaying Their Hand

  1. Treason Joe can’t make the masses accept him..
    He has 17%-20%
    What orders will this Regime issue over that.
    We had our last election American citizens.
    Dominion Voting machines now choose our REGIME

  2. My wife works with dementia patients. Biden is showing all the classic signs of late-stage disease. My guess is he will be lucky to survive the first 100 days and then we’ll have the unknown Ms. Harris into the nuke seat.

  3. Dictators are always paranoid: No matter how much control they wield, they fear their slaves will throw off their chains.

    Isolating 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue from the rabble who ostensibly elect the leaders began under leftist Clinton, as I recall.

  4. They wanted to defund the police all summer but now they want them their to protect them. They should worry how they have treated people and the President but instead you have people like Schiff trying to abuse power and destroy the President and our country. Gee, I wonder who the real problem in DC is?

    • Kicker is trying to blame Christians for riots when Dem supported & financed BLM, Antifa & Vikings did the Danagr..
      Now wanting to impeach a Trump after leaving office in Senate.
      Mitch McConnell all in..
      I had no idea the DC swamp was So multifaceted

  5. May their deserved paranoia and anxiety eat holes in their stomachs the next 4 years!
    When your reality rests upon a LIE, fear of the truth surfacing can be debilitating.

    Nothing could be funnier than their realization that even Guardsmen MIGHT BE “the enemy!” Keep looking over your shoulder, Leftists!

    President Trump had MEDIA against him, and he THRIVED! Kept ALL his promises.
    Ali-Biden and his motley THIEVES will have the AMERICAN PEOPLE against them! They know full well who actually won. They know 2/3 of the nation is against EVERYTHING THEY STAND FOR, and that reality is troubling them. They are beginning to think, “They’re Everywhere!”

    The Left doesn’t know what resistance is…

  6. The only person Joe Biden has to fear is the woman standing behind him. Kammy doesn’t plan on Joe being around long enough to make any hoofmarks on the floor.

    • She doesn’t control anything. She is a puppet for the likes of soros.

      Biden will be controlled by numerous groups that he knows will turn against him if he does not do as he is told.

  7. So this is how the ‘District’ was first formed in the Hunger Games? The movie did not cover that part… Hmm.

  8. If they are scared now wait until patriots regroup and react to the totalitarian frauds in a real way. The capital false flag derailed the people momentarily, but from now on we wont be fooled and manipulated as easily. Never respect the thieves and dictators for even a second. If they are counting on military support in the coup they might get a surprise. (See article again)

    • I say we weld those gates shut and keep the entire Congress and White House in their “CCP Green Zone” for the duration.

      • They installed a general who says his mission is to root out all racists and haters. What do you think that means? Obama is finishing communizing the military, we are screwed because even a republican president will tell us he is unable to fire any general or appoint his own, Trump hired deep stater after deep stater because he was told who to hire. Back to first line, why can demons always clean house and you never hear a peep of complaint? Will any, even the ccp nominated ones, of Biden nominees not get 100% congressional approval? Forget about rejection, McCONnell gave away the senate.

  9. All that military backup in Washington DC, there could be a lot going on that is kept silent, a dream is to arrest everyone involved in this coup and send them to Gitmo reinstating President Trump again and finally getting the justice that America wants for those who committed treason and sedition against America.

    • It is a nice dream, but I think this time it’s up to us. Easier to simply disobey. Refuse them at every opportunity. Make the stolen government so impossible to operate they quit and go home. You will know the worm has turned when CCP troops move into the U.S. to “maintain the peace”.

      • Disobeying is one area of push back. Another is money.
        Money is their fuel.
        like fire, take away the fuel and the fire dies.
        Stop giving them money as well …

    • Democrat + Republican = Demlican or Dino
      Republican + Democrat = Repubicrat or Rino
      Dino + Rino = Scumbags (new core math)
      One in the same folks. Welcome to the “United States”.
      There is no America left.

  10. So to be loyal to the new communist regime if you are a white male and a patriot to the constitution you are threat to their power. The color of your skin does not define your loyalty to your country. Your gender does not define your loyalty to your country. The fact they are vetting “out” people that are “loyal to the constitution and the country” as potential threats to the Chinese backed government now overthrowing our country is most significant. Just listen to what they are saying The white patriotic portion of the population is the threat to their government. That is just 70% of the people and the majority of their policies negate suppress and exclude those people. They are also the largest group of taxpayers in the US as well as being the owners of 63% of all privately owned firearms in the world. Inclusive is everybody. If you are now going after the majority on a racial and ideological perceived and false narrative in order to take power illegally. I am going to sit back and watch TV and have a good laugh at how that is going to work out for you…

    • The minute we fight each other and the US breaks up…however it happens is not relevant. The minute that happens our standing as a super power that can PROJECT power is over. Basically mission accomplished. For china especially but they didn’t do this they just were smart enough to plan ahead and profit from it.

      Win or lose we are back at the bottom of the empire barrel and have to wait our historical turn again if ever.

      Music has stopped mate. If you don’t have a chair yet or have it half built and are moving with a purpose… good luck to you.

      • Every dictatorship starts with a purge. Get rid of “whitey” (me included) and replace 140 million Americans with 200 million immigrants from China and Latin America. All these freshly-minted citizens come from socialist and communist countries; they will question nothing as long as the freebies keep flowing. “The trouble with Socialism is sooner or later, you run out of other people’s money.” (Margaret Thatcher)

    • This is why I’m sure they will need to initiate some other disaster or false flag to distract the masses from the treason at hand. Total economic collapse, hyperinflation, food shortages, or even an actual pandemic to replace the current shadow theater- the choices are endless.

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