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Condemning Idaho RINOs Little, Crapo & Risch

These career politicians that have made their fortunes from the taxpayers need to go home.

Condemning Idaho RINOs Little, Crapo & Risch

Condemning Idaho RINOs Little, Crapo & Risch

by Shari Dovale

Citizens across the country are getting quite fed up with their elected Representatives ignoring the will of the people for their own selfish personal benefits.

The science-deniers that continue pushing their fairy tales of a dangerous Chinese Flu that has a 99.7+% recovery rate are leaders in various states that are feeling the wrath of their constituents.

Idahoans are no different.

We reported that the Region One Republicans recently passed a resolution outlining their disgust for the RINO-in-chief Brad Little, denying him any further political support and demanding his resignation.

Adding to this list is the Bonner County Republicans passing three separate resolutions along the same lines.

For voting to override the veto on the NDAA, for not protesting the recent presidential election fraud, and for sending billions of tax dollars to foreign countries while nearly ignoring the people in the United States, the BCRCC has condemned both Senators Mike Crapo and Jim Risch.

Clearly stating that these Senators have violated their oaths of office, the GOP is making their stand and demanding they leave their party, as well as resigning from office.

Additionally, they have passed a separate resolution against the China-friendly Governor Brad Little. For violating his oath of office in a number of ways, including his handling of the Covid 19(84) emergency and not allowing the legislature to come into session to do their jobs, they have also called for his resignation and state their refusal to support him in any future political elections.

These career politicians that have made their fortunes from the taxpayers need to go home.


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6 Comments on Condemning Idaho RINOs Little, Crapo & Risch

  1. I am a ‘spud’. This article nails it. They are all Rinos, not worthy of any votes in the future. I have been consistent in emailing all 3 of them. All I get back is an intern’s pablum. They have voted against Conservative values and have been non-responsive in supporting President Trump. They all need to go.

  2. Rebukes, censured and other strongly worded resolutions are not good enough, they should be removed from office if there is any way to do so. I know that the US Constitution does not provide for removal but what about state constitutions? Lawmakers need to understand that there are consequences for their votes

    • Not in the least. People still think that prayer, marches, chants, letters, and speeches are going to change anything. All that rolls of leftist’s back just like water of a duck. It’s going to take a major “upheaval” before any significant change is enacted. Watch the Hunger Games series for ideas.

    • Not as long as those sweet government checks and cheap chinese crap keep rolling in

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