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Concerning Indefinite Lockdowns…

The current proclamation, as prior proclamations, lacks application consistency.

Concerning Indefinite Lockdowns…

Concerning Indefinite Lockdowns…


The Gov.’s proclamation for a continued State of Emergency has continued to exist since August 25, 2020 because not 1 of 105 legislators recognized the “opinion” provided by AG Wasden failed to include Art III, section 27(2), the legislatures constitutional authority to end the state of emergency. EVERY Representative and Senator can no longer hide from being without authority in the new session!

When the legislative session resumes in Jan. 2021, everyday that the legislature fails to KILL the state of emergency, they are culpable for the prolonged unconstitutional acts of liberty and freedom deprivation as well as violations of an individual’s constitutional rights.

How to Kill the State of Emergency:

I. SHUT-DOWN all legislative activity (excepting item IV, below) by attaching, in committee or on the House floor, to EVERY Bill considered by the House, the already passed, HCR001 – state of emergency, termination. No Bill is passed by the House without the full state of emergency termination condition attached to it.

II. Impeach AG Wasden for providing negligent advise to the Senate in Aug. 2020. Citing to the Legislature, Senate Pro-Tem and its members Article IV, section 9 four times, and NOT ONCE Article III, Section 27(2) is cause for dismissal. Take the Vote Idaho House of Representatives!

III. Impeach Gov. Little for assuming appropriation duties at the very least. Take the Vote Idaho House of Representatives!

IV. The House and Senate Health and Welfare and Business Committees should issue subpoenas to proponents and critics as to witnesses and documents that comprehensively investigate and substantiate the existing condition given a 99% survival rate while simultaneously.

The current proclamation, as prior proclamations, lacks application consistency. Where some “classes” are excluded and others are not is ludicrous, unacceptable, unjustified, and provocative, if not unconstitutional. If a “pandemic” or “epidemic” exists…, I say prove it by county!

Dan Rose


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