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Black Diamond Restaurant Needs You

These owners are just trying to help their employees pay their bills.

Black Diamond Restaurant Needs You

Black Diamond Restaurant Needs You

I am reaching out to try and help a local business that is being unfairly targeted by WA state Liquor Cannabis Board.

The Black Diamond located in Spokane Valley WA chose to go against the governors ban on in-door dining. The LCB ‘voted’ to suspend their liquor license for 180 days. These owners are just trying to help their employees pay their bills. This is a great family run business. They have a large local support and following.

The plan is to keep fighting this unconstitutional mandate. I know this will incur large legal fees for them. Local Spokane media is not really on their side. We, the support group for The Black Diamond, are trying to get their word out to the public. As we watch patriotic business owners across the country, it is my hope to get this group the attention that they deserve.

The owners are a father and son. The son Brandon will retire from the Air National Guard after 20 years in February. The father Wayne is great man with a huge heart for his employees as well as his patrons. Many local groups hold weekly and monthly meetings. They are well respected in our community.

The media has reported that restaurants account for less than 2% of cases. Gov. Inslee has shut them down again, saying his evidence was that bars and restaurants were the cause of spread. He said “ the absence of evidence isn’t the evidence of absence.” Please join us in telling those making decisions that we are not going to take it any longer.

Please see the following for further information. Thank you for your time.


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