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Aftermath Of Stolen Presidential Election

Seventy plus million patriots are not going to meekly accept this unprecedented voter fraud

Aftermath Of Stolen Presidential Election

Aftermath Of Stolen Presidential Election

by Pete Ketcham

If the forthcoming unconstitutional inauguration takes place, Biden will have acquired (not won) the office of The President of The United States by a pre-planned  corrupt vote counting fraud. By virtue of this fact ( based on overwhelming evidence and testimony) Biden will be an impostor, with no legal constitutional authority to implement any national policy, or occupy the White House. Also, from his Vice President on down, none of his appointees have any constitutional authority to occupy positions of power in his fraudulent administration.

If Biden is inaugurated, it will be the first time in history, the United States will have stepped completely outside the confines of it’s Constitution, and the ramifications of this fraudulent voter scheme could be far greater than the Democrat criminals have anticipated.

The situation today is similar to the start of the civil war when the South fired the opening salvos on Fort Sumter, having confidence they were going to win their war, not realizing how devastating their eventual total defeat was going to be.

Likewise the Democrat criminals feel confident that they will safely assume control of this nation by a fraudulent presidential election, and that the people will “fall in line”, and accept their corrupt act. But as the south misjudged the ramifications of their ignorant deed, it would seem the Democrats may have done so also.

There are over seventy million disenfranchised US citizens who will not recognize, nor accept Biden as a legal legitimate President of this nation. It is also possible that some Republican state governments may not accept mandates, laws, and rules issued forth from his fraudulent administration.

Based on the massive number of people participating in the patriotic MAGA Trump rallies and street demonstrations, it would seem that seventy plus million patriots are not going to meekly accept this unprecedented voter fraud that has been perpetrated on them. Biden and his cohorts may be coming into the most turbulent and disruptive term any president has experienced since the Civil War.

Lastly, there could be a remote possibility that if enough members of Congress object to the Electoral College results, it could overturn Biden’s win, but at this time that appears to be a long shot.


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1 Comment on Aftermath Of Stolen Presidential Election

  1. Here it is, the day after…Like Pete and many others, I was hoping for that long shot – A chorus of unrelenting rejection against what everyone knows was voter fraud..Our hopes were dashed however by politicians who feared for their career, who went along to get along….All those millions of people !…All those thousands who rallied in DC !…How do they feel now, after having their heartfelt voice ignored ?.After having their appeals thrown back in their face ?.They – and we – are aghast, in shock, horrified.for today, but we must summon a grim determination for tomorrow and the days ahead..What with a criminal cabal seizing power, the die is cast…Mr Ketcham mentions the “Rightful Remedy” – State nullification of obnoxious federal laws…it looks like time…

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